Poem of the Week: ‘Cariñoso Asesinato’ by Ashlie Allen

Poem of the Week

3rd Place
‘Attention: Masterpiece’ by Adrian Cepeda

From a Postcard to Pablo in Paris

Very dear Picasso, I’m working
every morning from sunrise
opening eyes and light of breath—
and I have the satisfaction
of being able to assure you
that I am trying to paint
while twirling my mustache
embracing colors, flavors
with a canvas mind, calling
all shapes, silhouettes and shadow
curled impressions of madness conjuring
REAL masterpieces of the kind
that were made during Rafael’s era.
Can you feel my paintbrush flicker
as I write this to you, my friend?
Thank you, thank you
with your whole and categorical Iberian
you have slayed conventionalism
with frames, eying painting
with assassin precision and slyly
envisioning recreation when brushing
off William B[o]uguereau
and especially, modern art, entirely!
Now we all can again paint virginally
flashing the most childlike awakening
revision. You’ll be overjoyed. Until we meet,
leaving you as I return to my portrait,
drying softly, just like you taught me
a masterpiece is always unfinished
in my head. Hello there! I will kiss your
cheek in Paris with my palate in exposition;
more than enlightened can you hear my paints,
pondering you— very dear Picasso
Your Salvador Dali, dripping
enthusiastically in red? Anxious
for the next time I will come over
to show my blushing canvases again.

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