Nioh 2 Boss Guide – How To Defeat Enenra

Don't get burned.

Nioh 2

Enenra is the second proper boss you will face in Nioh 2. He resides inside a burning forge at the end of the mission ‘The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames’. As the mission title suggests, Enenra is a fire demon and is all about fire-based attacks. As such he can be incredibly hard to deal with as catching fire will drain your life rather quickly.

While the previous fight against Mezuki could be dealt with by some proper sparring and aggressiveness, the fight against Enenra is all about keeping a distance. Here’s all the tips and tricks you need to succeed in your battle with Enenra.


Preparing for the Battle

Nioh 2

Before you head into Enenra’s lair behind the big gates in the forge, make sure you explore the area a bit and unlock the shrine and the hidden onsen bath. The shrine will become accessible to you once you have climbed to the top of the forge and dropped down a few levels.

The onsen bath is behind a hidden wall at the back right side of the forge, on the ground level. There’s a piece of loot on the ground that hints at someone feeling sinister eyes upon them. Look closely at the outer wall and you will see a set of eyes in the wall. This is actually a hidden yokai that, once beaten, will reveal the path to the onsen. You want to take a dip in the bath before proceeding to the boss as it grants regenerating health for a few minutes.

Since he is a fire demon it is a good idea to equip armor and charms which mitigates fire damage before taking on Enenra, should you have any at this point. Likewise, water amulets are also useful for this boss as he is weak to water damage, though it is not a necessity. Once you are bathed and have your elixirs and gear in order it is time to spank some fire demon.


Enenra’s Attacks

Nioh 2
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Enenra isn’t a beast to take on in close combat as his powerful punches and follow up kicks will almost instantly drain your Ki. He is also prone to throwing out firebombs in a circle around himself, and these hurt real bad if you get caught by them.

At a distance, he is much more manageable and his only ranged attack is a series of whirlwinds that fan out towards you. If you just keep a good distance away from them, it’s easy to simply walk through them once the gap between the twisters increases. However, be on your toes, as once he has tossed the twisters, he likes to do a teleporting attack. Basically, Enenra disappears for a second or two and appears next to or behind you. Just be ready for it when it comes and it’s not that difficult to avoid.

Enenra has just a single burst attack which is thankfully easy to parry with your own burst counter. During his burst attack, he will wrap himself in a whirlwind and quickly move towards you. Be careful not to pop your counter too soon as he takes a second to rush you. When you see the red flames of his burst attack only counter immediately if you’re standing right next to him. If you are further away, wait a sec or two until he is in the twister so that you don’t slash at empty air. It can be a bit tricky to get the timing down but once you do this attack is easy to counter.


Beating Enenra

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The battle against Enenra is all about keeping a good distance between you and the boss. The attacks he performs are devastating and hard to avoid up close, but rather simple if you hang back a bit. By far the worst of these are the firebombs. If you are too close to Enenra when he throws them, you’re literally toast. Instead, keep away and go in for a single slash or stab once you see an opening. Only one or two slashes mind, as any more will likely compromise your ability to get away or block his attacks.

The way to do some real damage to Enenra is through the burst counters, as these will stagger him temporarily which is when you should start stabbing and slashing at him. Again, don’t overdo it though as he loves to throw out firebombs after he is staggered.

You can also bait Enenra into attacking the pillars in the boss room. Knocking down the pillars will cause a tub of water to fall down on the boss which both deals damage and staggers him. Just stand in front of a pillar and he will kick or punch it eventually. Just be sure to have some Ki or yokai power reserved to take full advantage of the opportunity. As an extra bonus, the pillars will also sometimes drop an elixir for you.

Since the fight is all about taking potshots and goading Enenra to attack you with his burst attack, it will likely be the longest battle you have had up until now. Impatience is your main enemy in this fight, as getting reckless and trying to rush things will likely end in tragedy. Once Enenra’s flames are extinguished you are rewarded with some cool loot, a yokai core and a blacksmith who joins your growing gang of misfits.

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