Memories of Green #7

Part 7 of Josh Blockwell’s Memories of Green series.


Date – 12/05/2089

Subject – Bar With Fixxxer

Finally went out with Fixxxer and his guys this evening. Only just got in now, was a pretty good night, despite the occasional acid rain on the way there and back.

Fixxxer invited me to this bar on the edge of Industrial Sector 3. I should have bought a mask from a vender before I got there, the fumes from the factories burned the back of my throat. Wouldn’t like to be living in the Inclusion Sector up that way, being crammed into huts next to these factories doesn’t seem like quality living to me. Its affordable housing I guess, and the commute can’t be much at all. We’ve all got to make our way somehow. You have to wonder how healthy the people up this way are though?

Fixxxers guys are pretty cool, really easy going people. Based on my conversation with him the other day, I was half expecting a group of conspiracy nuts, tinfoil hats and all. As it turns out, Fixxxer is a lot more of a measured guy than I initially thought, he’s very smart, switched on all the time. So are his friends, I felt a little intimidated around them to be honest. Hell, if I were as observant as Fixxxer, I guess I would have noticed all the cameras and C.P around these days.

We didn’t talk too much about conspiracy theories, about the Administration. The guys just asked me what I was doing in D.C, and how long I was staying. The guys looked really interested when I was talking about Shin-Cypher, said they’d be really interested to see what this project was. They seemed really sympathetic when I told them I was here on my own and offered to invite me out whenever there was something going on. Christ, I’ve gone from knowing nobody to knowing a whole group of people down here, I’m never usually this socially able.

Been invited out to The Hammers game with Fixxxer and another guy called Lone_Shark. They seem to be really tight buddies, those two. I’m looking forward to getting to know them better. They’re so knowledgeable and articulate, not even close to stereotypical conspiracy nuts. I’m not saying there’s any truth in what they say though. The government probably isn’t out to get us, that’s absurd.

Wave of brownouts guys, gonna have to make tracks.



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