Memories of Green #8

Part 8 of the fantastic memories of green series by Josh Blockwell.


Date – 15/05/2089

Subject – Quiet Day

Been a pretty hectic week, even though I didn’t expect it. Fixxxer and his friends have been so cool asking me out all the time. The Hammers game was really good, went to that bar afterwards, “Midnight In A Perfect World” its called. Fixxxer was talking me through all the security cameras and the armed c.p at the game. It was crazy when I thought about it. It was only a baseball game, I don’t understand why the Administration need to be so careful. Its starting to sound like Fixxxer has a point.

So what have I been doing today? Very little. Everyone said they were busy today so I’ve been sitting in my damp little room, flicking through endless channels and the TV. I almost want to “Be a Legendary Patriot” and join the military the amount of commercials I saw today, they must be paying the networks good money to screen that many commercials in a break.

Still nervous looking at the Shin-Cypher building from my desk, its so tall and clean that it lights up the buildings around it. Just from looking at it you can see whatever they’re doing in there must be a big deal. Fixxxer and his friends seem real interested in the interview. Didn’t think they were the type to turn up to Cypher’s midnight launches to get the newest computers. There’s a tech-nerd in everyone I guess?

The more they’ve asked me about the interview, the more I’ve worked out what I’m going to ask. I want to find out for Fixxxer’s guys now, do them a big favour and give them some inside information. When a press release says “Massive Development in Computing”, you take that kind of stuff seriously. Maybe it’ll be another game changer, like when they came on the scene a couple years back. Cypher have usually been pretty open about their products though, I’m hoping they won’t mind me giving out a little inside information.

Gonna go over my notes for Cypher again, guess it gives me something else to do other than watching The Late Great Patriot Hour on Fox.

Peace out



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