Memories of Green #9

Josh Blockwell’s Memories of Green series continues in his bi-weekly feature.

[Phone Conversation Recorded 17/05/2089 – 19:05 – Participants Citizen_Galen1712 and Citizen_Joanne4531]


Galen_1712 – Hey You


Joanne_4531 – Hey!


Galen_1712 – Not long left now, three more days and I’ll be back!


J – Feels like such a long time since I’ve seen you! I can’t wait!


G – I know! I’ve got so many things planned when I get back. As soon as I’m home, we’re going to do everything we always said we were going to do.


J – Everything? Really?


G – After these last few week, I’m taking all the time I need off, for you, for us.


J – Oh come on, I cant even wait three days, just get on a plane now, I’ll come pick you up from the airport.


G – You’re not serious?


J – I am.


G – You know I can’t Jo, as much as I’d love to. But i’ll be back sooner than you think. Have you been following my blogs?


J – Sure have. You’ve met some really cool guys down there. I’m so glad you didn’t spend your time by yourself. You should invite them up to San Fran. I’m sure we can put one or two of them up in the spare room.


G – I’ll see if I can get them to visit soon. How’s home?


J – Its alright. The smog has been really bad lately. And we’re out of neutraliser for the acid rain. Can you pick up some masks and neutraliser cheap at the airport?


G – I can. Take care outdoors Jo. Like I said, if you stay in between twelve and two then your cough won’t be so bad, you know how busy the industrial sectors are at midday. Its even worse down here, you cant even see across the street sometimes.


J – You know I usually stay indoors round that time, but I had to go down to Triumph Square the last few days. Patriot union meetings.


G – I didn’t realise we were part of one? Actually, I didn’t even know the Patriot Union did meetings?


J – According to an email we are now, along with everyone else. They’re just trying to keep us all in the loop about how well The Administration is doing to be honest. Was an hour of back patting as far as I’m concerned.  You have no idea how many forms I had to sign to get you excused because you were out of town. They’re really up on these.


G – Christ, sounds like school. Not looking forward to that when I get home.


J – Well I’m looking forward to you getting home, so get a move on.


G – Will do, I have to go. I love you Jo.


J – Love you too.


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