Memories of Green #6

Josh Blockwell’s Memories of Green begins to build in instalment 6 of the series.


[Front Page of CNN – Date 10/05/2089]


Final Push of The War Draws Near


IN A MOVE that can only be described as a stroke of genius, The Administration has struck a crushing blow against its undemocratic enemies, drawing The War closer and closer to a dramatic victory.

Administration forces moved on Vienna in the early hours of the morning, showering the city with rocket fire and pacifying legions of bloodthirsty soldiers who stand in the way of democracy.

The push was bolstered by an artillery and drone strike on some of the enemy’s important structures. The strike has damaged the cities vital infrastructure, and provided our troops with ease of access to the city in order to oversee a vital regime change.

The Administrations have warned us that in order to sweep away the undemocratic inhabitants of Vienna, American factories will have to double their productivity in the coming months.

Patriots can rest assured that within the next few months, hateful undemocratic nations will be swept away and that Administration advisors will oversee the reinstatement of a fair, peaceful government.  Indeed, CNN has been informed that Civil Protection have appeared on the streets of Maria Enzersdorf, a clear marker that the Administration is assisting Austria toward progressive democracy.


One Nation Under God


Nicola Henderson


Administration Relocates Cokedale


IN ALL ITS WISDOM The Administration has relocated Cokedale citizens in an effort to keep its citizens safe from possible enemy attack.

“Although no attacks have occurred yet, we would like to ensure the safety of our loyal patriots in Cokedale by moving them to nearby Denver” an Administration official has stated.

This move is just a small part of the “Urban Relocation Ordinance”, an operation aiming to move many small town communities into larger cities for the duration of The War. It is thought that larger cities offer more protection for citizens than isolated communities.

The residents of Cokedale will be relocated to one of Denver’s new Inclusion Sectors, strategically placed to allow loyal patriots to quickly gain employment and work towards bettering themselves and the economy.

Of course, the ordinance is not without its problems. Many unregistered immigrants have been found in America’s small towns. Local Authorities have taken steps to process or pacify these figures before they threaten our Patriotic nation with their ignorant, uneducated and often violent customs.

CNN will keep its loyal Patriots updated on the situation as it develops.


One Nation Under God


Marcellus Greenback


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