Memories of Green #5

The fifth instalment of Josh Blockwell’s memories of green Series, exclusive to Cultured Vultures.

Date – 07/05/2089


Subject – Fixxxer

The smog’s lifted a bit today, I think the suns trying to come out but I can’t be sure. The whole city was covered with this really strange yellow light. Would have made a nice picture, it’s a shame I left my camera at home.

Thought I’d go actually check out the Shin-Cypher building at some point today. I got some breakfast in a diner downtown this morning. It’s definitely a smarter alternative to eating whatever they’re serving at the hotel. I’ve stopped asking for bacon or eggs at the buffet car, I just point and ask for “Some of that” instead. Mystery meat day, every day, it’s a fucking riot.

While I was eating a guy asked me if he could sit at my table. I think I’m so desperate for company right now that I would have said yes no matter who had asked. Hell, I’d even chat with an unregistered immigrant knowing full well that I’d be hauled off to the camps after my meal. Fortunately though, this guy seemed nice. We talked for a while, just regular small talk. I can’t remember his name, but his username was Fixxxer17D, I’ll have to find him online actually. He seems to be the only one around here who isn’t too amused about the pollution and the Civil Protection. He said that things never used to be like this, I told him I can’t remember a time when they weren’t. He looked like he’d heard that before, said “they” were “blinding us”. Funny how a mid morning conversation can turn into a rant on conspiracy theories isn’t it? He seemed like a really decent guy though, so I didn’t run out of the diner when he went to the bathroom.

Fixxxer really started taking interest when I told him about the Shin-Cypher interview. I told him I was going later on and he asked if he could come along. To be honest with you guys it’s a welcome change having some company here. I would have lost my mind if I’d had to go through the next two weeks with nobody to talk to.

Fixxxer was pointing out all the C.P on the streets, all the blackened sidewalks and buildings, questioning it. He kept asking me how we all let the country get into this state. He didn’t sound insane, he sounded worried, observant. Trust me guys, if he’d sounded like a nut then I would have ditched him before we got to the train station. Hell, I’m a journalist by nature, I was interested in this guys point of view, even if it is misguided.

The Shin Cypher building looked pretty impressive. Its easily one of the cleanest buildings around here, they really take care of it. Being one of the most important corporations in the country, I guess it makes sense that they’d keep a clean house, despite the pollution. There aren’t any of those “Something Big Is Coming” posters outside like there usually are before an announcement. Only makes me wonder what this interview is going to be about. I guess it’ll be interesting not reviewing a new phone for a change, there’s only so many times you can comment on how “Dynamic” a home screen looks. The receptionist certainly wasn’t any help when I asked what was going on, and there was no way I was going to try and breeze past the security guards to try and get upstairs. I guess I’ll have to sit on my hands and wait.

Fixxxer seemed pretty disappointed that we couldn’t find out anything too, I didn’t take him for a Cypher fanboy, but I guess I shouldn’t judge by appearances. He invited me out for a drink with some guys he knows as we walked back to Commercial Sector 1. He said he’d really like to get to know me better. I was pretty flattered to be honest with you guys. Had to say no though, I’m totally drained today. We’ve rescheduled for another day. As paranoid as he seems, Fixxxer was a nice guy, really intelligent too. Looking forward to getting to know him better.


[Trace and Observation request – Fixxxer17D – Bureau of Security]


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