Meet Your Maker Currencies Guide: Parts, Synthite & Cells

Building blocks.

Meet Your Maker
Meet Your Maker

You might think that resources in a post-apocalypse are hard to come by, but if Meet Your Maker is any indication, there’s plenty of materials and currency out there for players to claim as their own. With that in mind, we’re breaking down all the earnable materials and currency you can find in Meet Your Maker.

There’s four different kinds of currency and resources in Meet Your Maker, though only three of them are actually spendable.

GenMat – Basically seen as EXP, players will raid and construct outposts to earn GenMat related to one of the five advisors. Earn enough and the advisor will level up, allowing them to be processed into your Chimera so you can level that up too. Leveling up your Chimera also gives you plenty of other rewards too, so earning GenMat to process your advisors is your main concern in Meet Your Maker.

Synthite – One of the three spendable currencies in Meet Your Maker, Synthite is used when purchasing burial sites for outposts, Prestiging said outposts so that they can earn more GenMat, and for buying and upgrading traps and guards. If it involves defending an outpost, you’ll need Synthite. When it comes to earning Synthite, you’ll find it naturally as you raid other outposts, as well as collecting it as loot from dead raiders in your own outpost, along with earning it as rewards for leveling up your chimera and for conquering the world map by beating champion outposts.

Parts – Another of the three spendable currencies, parts are the opposite side of the same coin as Synthite, as it’s used for everything to do with raiding outposts. Parts are needed to create and upgrade weapons, hardware and suits, though like Synthite, you’ll also earn parts naturally during the course of the game. Raiding other outposts, collecting dead raider loot and all the other methods will net your parts on a regular basis.

Cells – The most important of the three spendable currencies, cells are used for everything in Meet Your Maker. Whether it’s to do with raiding or defending an outpost, you’ll need a lot of cells to accomplish your goals, but the only real way to earn cells is by evolving your Chimera. Each level attained will give the player a host of cells and other rewards. You can also increase your weekly tribute level, which will grant cells when players earn a set amount of GenMat.

Meet Your Maker is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X & S.

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