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Building on yourself.

Meet Your Maker
Meet Your Maker

A raider or builder in Meet Your Maker is only as good as their tools, so it stands to reason that any self-respecting player would want to upgrade their capabilities as soon as possible. Fortunately, there’s multiple different types of upgrades and ways you can improve both yourself, and the lethality of your outpost. With that in mind, this is how you upgrade your weapons, traps, guards and suits in Meet Your Maker.


How To Upgrade

In order to upgrade yourself or your equipment/building tools, you’ll need to be at your Sanctuary, which acts as your base of operations for everything that you do. When you enter your Sanctuary, you’ll see your Chimera on the left-hand side, while on the right, there are five advisors that are responsible for different aspects of your kit. From the front of the room (where you enter) to the back, you have Chrona, Elpida, Metamorph, Prota and Prosarmogi, with each advisor in charge of Weapons, Hardware, Guards, Traps and Suits respectively.


How To Upgrade Your Weapons

Chrona is the advisor responsible for your weapon upgrades. Speak to her and you’ll be able to purchase new weapons, along with upgrades for any weapons that you do own. These upgrades can be quite helpful, particularly when you start raiding more dangerous outposts, so make sure you speak to her when you’ve got plenty of cells and parts to spend.


How To Upgrade Your Hardware

Hardware is basically your raider’s equipment, like grenades or other useful tools. They’re consumable items, and you can only take a few with you on each raid attempt. While Elpida is the advisor in charge of hardware, there’s currently no way to actually upgrade your hardware. Instead of upgrades, Elpida allows players to research different kinds of hardware, which costs cells and parts. Once a piece of hardware has been researched, you can then craft more of that hardware for some parts.


How To Upgrade Your Guards

Metamorph is the guards advisor, making him the man you want to speak to if you want your outpost to be well defended. Metamorph can research new types of guard clones for cells and Synthite, giving you more enemies to place within your own outpost. Once you’ve researched a guard, you can then purchase augments for that specific guard, which can enhance their capabilities, or make them more unpredictable for would-be raiders. These augments cost additional cells and Synthite.


How To Upgrade Your Traps

Traps are a key part of any outpost, so you’ll be speaking to Prota often if you want to maximise the amount of death your little outpost can cause. Prota is similar to Metamorph, as she is able to research new kinds of traps if you offer her some cells and Synthite. Again, once you’ve researched a specific trap, you can then purchase augments for that trap which can drastically alter its capabilities. Those augments are what make traps much more lethal, so they’re worth investing in if you have the cells and Synthite to hand.


How To Upgrade Your Suits

Raiding an outpost is going to be pretty difficult if you don’t have a good enough suit to survive the harsh wasteland, so speaking to Prosarmogi whenever you can is a good shout. The suits vendor lets you purchase new suits for cells and parts, and like most other aspects of the game, each suit has its own upgrades that can be bought with more cells and parts.

Meet Your Maker is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X & S.

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