Meet Your Maker: How To Level Up Your Chimera

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Meet Your Maker
Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker’s whole premise is that you’re raiding the outposts of other player’s, trying to steal their genetic material for yourself. Far from doing it just for the giggles, you’ll need pure genetic material if you want to synthesize a cure for the disease that has turned Earth into a barren hellscape. Creating a cure will also involve levelling up your Chimera, so here’s everything you need to know about levelling up your Chimera in Meet Your Maker.


What Is Your Chimera?

Your Chimera is essentially your main guide in the world of Meet Your Maker. When you first boot up the game, they’re the first person you meet, and they’re the one responsible for creating a cure by essentially mashing up different DNA together and seeing what works. Basically, they need DNA, and you’re going out into the world in order to find it. Passing that DNA to your Chimera is a whole other story though.


How To Level Up Your Chimera

In order to level up your chimera, you’ll need to obtain genetic material related to the five advisors, which are Chrona (Weapons), Elpida (Hardware), Metamorph (Guards), Prota (Traps) and Prosarmogi (Suits). Each base you raid or establish offers GenMat related to one of these five advisors, and at set thresholds, you’ll level up that advisor.

After completing three raids, you’ll also unlock the ability to take on a Champion Outpost, which is often a level that’s been quite highly rated by the community. These Champion Outposts offer rewards in all five GenMat categories, with higher difficulty outposts naturally yielding more rewards. If you’re looking to quickly earn GenMat across several categories, completing a Champion Outpost is often the way to go.

Once you’ve earned enough GenMat to increase an advisor’s level, the next time you return to the Command Center, that advisor’s computer and area will be bathed in a big red light, indicating they’re ready to be processed. Head over to the Chimera, and you’ll be able to process any advisors who are ready, grinding them down to mulch for the Chimera to pick through their DNA. This is what increases the Chimera’s level, with the Chimera requiring more “offerings” as you rise through the levels.

Meet Your Maker is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X & S.

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