Let’s Build A Zoo Allows You To Play Mad Scientist & Splice New Animals

This isn't a sequel to that Matt Damon film.

Let's Build A Zoo

Springloaded and No More Robots have announced that they’re collaborating to release Let’s Build A Zoo, a zoo management game that let’s you truly experiment with the animals you’re looking after. This should be a silly one, and you can check out the debut trailer at the top of the page.


What Is Let’s Build A Zoo?

Let’s Build A Zoo is exactly what it says it is, as you’re put in control of a new zoo and tasked with constructing new enclosures, looking after the new animals and hiring staff members to maintain all aspects of the zoo.

The key gimmick in Let’s Build A Zoo is you’re given complete control of DNA splicing, meaning you can import rare animals from zoos around the world, splice them with other animals and create some kind of unholy abomination that people can’t help but buy money to see. Not going to lie, a PandOwl sounds pretty cute. If you want to see how Let’s Build A Zoo works in action, there’s a nine minute gameplay overview right here.


When Can I Get My Hands On Let’s Build A Zoo?

The game is scheduled to launch this year on Steam, and is available to wishlist right now. It’s also been confirmed that Let’s Build A Zoo will also launch on all other major platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Switch.

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