Fortnite’s Greasy Grove Is No More In Season 7, Iceberg Biome Takes Over

Greasy Grove, one of Fortnite's most beloved landing spots, has been killed off in Season 7.

Fortnite Greasy Grove Season 7

Fortnite’s map is one of constant change, a location for murdering that never wants to let the murdering grow stale. We’ve seen a huge overhaul of the map since the game began — it’s almost unrecognisable now to what it was on day one. But we’ve just lost one constant: Greasy Grove has been consumed by snow and ice.

To coincide with the winter theme, there is a new iceberg biome in the bottom-left corner of the map that has more or less taken over the entire area, as well as expanding it.  Flush Factory has finally been put out of its misery, so it looks like it’s as a big a change as we saw for Season 5 and its desert biome.

From the Battle Pass trailer, we can see that Greasy Grove has been completely snowed over to be replaced by what looks like an icy lake.

Some of the messages of support for the fallen Fortnite mainstay:

If you go on over to Greasy Grove, it does technically exist but it’s been removed as a named location and is, well, completely iced over. You can see the tops of some buildings, but not much else.

Fortnite Greasy Grove

You can, however, still access the store.

Fortnite season 7

Don’t hold out too much hope, but there’s every chance that Greasy Grove may thaw in another season.

Personally, I never could stand Greasy Grove — I feel like it was a cursed landing spot for me. I have never done well landing there to the best of my memory. But it’s sad to see such a long-standing place get taken out all the same, though it does make sense. It’s been bruised and battered a fair bit over the seasons, but hasn’t really had any meaningful changes.

The Battle Pass trailer also gives hints at a redesign for Lucky Landing called Happy Hamlet, a new airfield, and plenty more. Here’s all the changes to the map.

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