Fortnite Season 6: How To Tame and Ride A Raptor (Dinosaurs Update)

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Fortnite raptors

Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Season 6 is taking us back to prehistoric times with all kind of different weapons, animals, and items. After eggs were spotted around the map for the first couple of maps, raptors have popped out of them, leading to dinosaurs now roaming around the island. And you can tame them, too.

Raptors will attack you on sight in Fortnite and seem to travel in packs of two. They have roughly 300-500 HP and will hit hard, though aren’t too much of a hassle on their own. They spawn fairly rarely on the map, your best bet is to go somewhere within the “orange”, where are all the Guardians reside.

Here’s everything you need to know about the raptors in Fortnite.


How To Tame Dinosaurs In Fortnite

Fortnite Hunter's Cloak
Fortnite Hunter’s Cloak

There are a couple of ways to tame dinosaurs in Fortnite.

The first is to throw Meat towards them, which they will then run after and eat. Meat can be found after eliminating any animal that is not a frog with one meat dropping per animal. While they’re eating the meat, you can walk up to them and hold down interact to tame them, though we did notice that we got attacked almost instantly.

The second, more reliable method is to craft a Hunter’s Cloak. To craft the Hunter’s Cloak, you will need 2x Animal Bones and 1x Meat. Both of these resources can be harvested from boars, chicken, or wolves with the latter giving you the most resources. Once it’s crafted, simply equip it and then you will be able to walk up to the dinosaur without being attacked.

Once you have timed the raptor, they will follow you around and also attack other enemies. They aren’t the smartest things in the game, but it’s always better to have a dinosaur friend than not.


Can You Ride The Raptor In Fortnite?

Nope. You sadly can’t use the dinosaur as a vehicle in Fortnite, which makes me more upset than anything in the world.


How To Craft In Fortnite

To craft in Fortnite, go into your inventory and then press R1 or RB if you’re using a controller to get to the crafting menu. Then, with the resources you need, press square/X on your controller to craft the item.

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