Fortnite Refer A Friend: How To Get The Rainbow Racer Skin For Free

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Fortnite Refer A Friend 2021
Fortnite Refer A Friend 2021

We’re knee deep in Fortnite: Season 8 right now, with plenty of new content and collaborations over the course of the season with more no doubt to come. However, a new program by the name of Refer A Friend that’s very similar to Reboot A Friend is due to be maybe the most popular addition of the season as you can get a free skin just for playing with friends.

Rainbow Racer is a skin that’s been in the game’s files for the longest time and now it’s finally coming out for real. All players need to do is play Fortnite together and complete tasks, with 5 tasks in total with the Rainbow Racer skin as the ultimate reward.

Here’s everything you need to know to take part in Fortnite Refer A Friend and earn yourself some free rewards.


Fortnite Refer A Friend Explained

Refer A Friend is very similar to Reboot A Friend from earlier in the year. You must play with a friend who has played less than 120 minutes of Fortnite within the last 30 days. This applies to brand new Fortnite players and also that have quit the game or just don’t play it as much. Refer A Friend is Epic’s attempt bring new and old players into Fortnite by using the community they already have.

You are able to invite up to five friends to take part in Refer A Friend, who will then be your referee(s) in-game. You can only earn rewards once, but you can help others earn rewards even if you have earned them.

You can sign up at You will need to sign in to your Epic Games account, then you can invite any of your eligible friends and play Fortnite with them to earn progress.

Refer A Friend will track your progress in Duos, Trios, and Squads. You cannot make any progress with Refer A Friend while playing solo (unless it’s the final task) or in any of the LTMs.

If you’re thinking of using an alt account to game the system, you actually can’t unlock the Rainbow Racer skin — at least not without doing twice as much work. Epic has made it so that two players must separately rank up by 60, meaning that you’d have to play a whole bunch to level up two different accounts at the same time.


Fortnite Refer A Friend Tasks and Rewards

Fortnite Refer A Friend
Fortnite Refer A Friend

Players can earn everything from a Loading Screen just for signing up to the Rainbow Racer skin for taking part in Refer A Friend.

There are five tasks and five cosmetic rewards in total. You have to complete each task in order.


Task 1 & Reward

Fortnite Refer A Friend
Fortnite Refer A Friend

Task 1: Create A Connection (sign up on the site)
Reward: Gridlock Loading Screen


Task 2 & Reward

Fortnite Refer A Friend
Fortnite Refer A Friend

Task 2: Play 1 Game in Fortnite With A Referee
Reward: Miridescent Wrap


Task 3 & Reward

Refer A Friend Reward
Refer A Friend Reward

Task 3: Place top 10 3 times with your referee
Reward: Flair Fare Glider


Task 4 & Reward

Drive Shaft Pickaxe
Drive Shaft Pickaxe

Task 4: Eliminate 10 opponents with your referee
Reward: Drive Shaft Pickaxe


Task 5 & Reward

Rainbow Racer
Rainbow Racer

Task 5: Gain plus 60 levels on your own and wait for your referee to gain plus 60 levels too
Reward: Rainbow Racer Skin

Judging from the final task, it will take you a long time to rank up enough before you are able to get the Rainbow Racer skin for free as you need to level up in-game. While there’s loads of XP to farm, it’s still a significant amount of work for something that has a retail value of $7.

You will also need to ensure that your friend is levelling up, otherwise neither of you will get the skin.


When Does Fortnite Refer A Friend End?

Sign up for Refer A Friend is only available until November 14th, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET. Players will not be able to sign up to earn free rewards after that.

However, you can still earn rewards and complete tasks with your referees until January 10th, 2022, meaning that you have until deep into Season 9 to complete all of the tasks and earn the skin for free.

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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