38 Easiest Platinum Trophies on PS4

Pick up some of these easiest Platinum trophies to make you feel like the ultimate PS4 player. But really, you're just cheesing through a lot of bad games.



31. Lara Croft Go

I haven’t personally played Lara Croft Go, but it looks like it could be a simple and straightforward game set in the Tomb Raider universe. The playlist above guides you through all the collectibles you need for a plat, which will definitely give you your money’s worth – I’ve seen this game retailing for relative pennies.

Easiness: 8/10
Time required: 3 hours


32. Hitman Go

Same as above but with a bald bloke: just delete and replace as necessary.

Easiness: 8/10
Time required: 3 hours


33. Accounting+ (VR Only)

Our first VR entry on this list is also one of the weirdest. Coming from one half of the minds behind Rick & Morty, that shouldn’t really be much of a surprise, but what should be a surprise is just how easy it is to get the platinum for Accounting+.

You can breeze through the game itself in between half an hour and an hour and maybe add an extra fifteen if you’re constantly referring to a guide. One of the trophies asks you to knock relentlessly on a door until it opens and another needs you to hold onto a brick for ages – that’s about the tone all of the trophies have. It’s irreverent and just very silly, but is a good way to introduce some players to VR. I couldn’t find a video guide for it just yet, but this written explanation here is great.

Easiness: 10/10
Time required: 1 hour


34. Job Simulator VR

Another off the wall VR title, Job Simulator VR wants to replicate the mundanity of real-life office work with a helpful dash of absurdity. It’s a short experience coming in at a couple of hours, but if you’re going to be looking at inflating your trophy haul, you may as well make it brief and pretend to be a chef while you’re at it.

A lot of hallowed pings of victory will be heard from just playing through the game and completing jobs, but there are also a fair few secret trophies that you will need a guide for. However, if you were on the robot’s side in I, Robot, maybe skirt around the Giving Back trophy.

Easiness: 10/10
Time required: 2-5 hours


35. A Way Out

A Way Out

One of 2018’s surprise hits successfully brings back the magic of couch co-op in a big way and a very straightforward Platinum trophy while you’re at it. It’s so easy, in fact, that if you’re playing locally with someone else, they will also unlock the Plat without much fuss.

Curiously, none of the trophies for A Way Out are unlocked by just playing the game through to completion. They’re all secrets-based, which might be a pain for some. Luckily, chapter select means hoovering them all up after you finish the story is a piece of cake. You don’t even need a second player for most of them: just use two controllers at once thanks to the game’s simplistic controls and you should be able to pick up most of the trophies on your own.

Easiness: 7
Time required: 8 hours


36. Slyde

From the creators of 1000 Top Rated Game comes…the same game under a different name. It’s painfully obvious that Slyde was released purely to get money from Platinum hunters, but it’s hard to resist as it’s less than £1. It’s only available in the EU store, but I’m sure you can finagle it for other regions too with some account swapping.

This one’s so easy that I can actually describe it here. Choose any photo on medium difficulty and ensure there is a free space in the top right or bottom left and then follow these input instructions: R R U R U L U L L D R D D R R U L U L U L D D D R R U L U L D R D L U U U R R R. A mess of trophies will unlock and just over a minute after you start the game, you will have your Platinum.

Easiness: 1000/10
Time required: 1 minute


37. My Name is Mayo

This can’t be real.

Is this a hoax?

Click loads, unlock a Platinum. Wow.

As an added bonus, you can tap the touchpad and press X to do “superclicks”.

Easiness: 1100/10 (may cause RSI)
Time required: 25 minutes


38. Mr. Massagy

My Name Is Mayo, but sexy.

Easiness: 11000/10
Time required: 15-25 minutes

Any I missed?

I deliberately avoided open-world AAA games that may not offer a challenge but take 40+ hours to get the Platinum thanks to an endless stream of collectibles. I’ve also disregarded games that may be easy but are just one long grind.

Let me know if you have any to add in the comments below.

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