38 Easiest Platinum Trophies on PS4

Pick up some of these easiest Platinum trophies to make you feel like the ultimate PS4 player. But really, you're just cheesing through a lot of bad games.


11. Coffin Dodgers

This is not a good game. It’s a run-of-the-mill karting game with old people that feels like it should really belong to an earlier generation of gaming. Coffin Dodgers is fine with friends, however, and the easy Plat makes it a target for completionists.

To master Coffin Dodgers, all you need to do is beat the game’s campaign twice: the first time to unlock everything, the second to drive around as a souped up Grim Reaper and go through a straightforward list of weapons used and that sort of thing. It’s painlessly easy, but might be painful to play after a while.

Easiness: 8/10
Time required: 6 hours


12. Nubla

A walk in the park, or should that be art gallery? Nubla is a lovely little game that involves puzzles with a focus on story. Its platinum is also relatively straightforward and may not even require you to have a guide if you just have a keen eye for collectibles.

You can master Nubla in under an hour, making it a quick and easy self-confidence booster. There’s a neat game to be enjoyed, too. Plus, if you play Nubla and don’t manage to achieve the Platinum, you will go into the Hall of Shame – 98% of its players already have.

Easiness: 10/10
Time required: 45 minutes


13. Goosebumps: The Game

I love this game’s subtitle because it almost isn’t a game at all. In fact, it’s doubtful that anyone apart from completionists have even bothered to give it a try; it’s just that bad.

To tie in with the box office disaster, a point and click game was released for some reason and was just as well received as the movie. It’s been panned by critics and gamers alike, though it does give an easy Platinum that only asks you to keep an eye out for collectibles and similar fare. With a guide, this is another 100% incoming.

Easiness: 10/10
Time required: 1 hour


14. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Possibly one of the most polarising games of this generation, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is a visually classy walking simulator that annoyed a lot of people with just how bare bones it was. It’s still a fine little title if you enjoy slowly unravelling narratives.

Even better, it has a Platinum that can be achieved with little fuss, especially as Rapture is a game that you cannot fail at. Simply follow the main story and remember to do a couple of quirky requirements and you’ll see your rating rise with ease.

Easiness: 9/10
Time required: 3 hours


15. The Wolf Among Us

I actually managed to miss this one the first time around, so while I wait in vain for them to release the second season, I’m going to go back and pick up a few collectibles to finish what I started.

As with most Telltale games, the bulk of your trophies on the road to 100% will come from simply getting through the story. Like I said, you can very easily miss what you need to get to Platinum, so be sure to look up a guide on where to find what you need. While you’re there, start a petition for season two of this criminally underloved gem.

Easiness: 9/10
Time required: 10 hours

16. Game of Thrones

Tyrion Game of Thrones game

Probably the worst game in Telltale’s renaissance since finding mass popularity, Game of Thrones is still a fine game, even if it does run like total ass far too often.

As you’ve come to expect, the Platinum here is as easy as killing off the Lannisters: just go through the game and complete all five episodes. Try not to wince at Emilia Clarke’s shoddy voice acting and you will have another shiny blue trophy to add to your collection. They’re at work on a second season, so expect another easy Platinum before too long.

Easiness: 10/10
Time required: 8 hours


17. Orc Slayer

Almost everyone who plays this game gets the Platinum, so if you don’t, you might need to turn off your Playstation and think about some stuff.

It’s a simple case of completing the game and trying not to miss the four trophies that are separate. You can do the whole thing in one sitting, if you can put up with a pretty atrocious shooter for that long. Orc Slayer is pretty damn close to being the worst PS4 game ever made, so collecting all of its 27 trophies may seem like a chore. I gave up after about an hour – sometimes it just isn’t worth it.

Easiness: 8/10
Time required: 3 hours


18. Jazzpunk

If you’re lucky enough to get through the utterly wild Jazzpunk without your melted brain seeping out of your ears, you deserve a Platinum trophy.

A lot of the trophies available are tied in with the story, but there are plenty of odd little sidemissions to beat involving pigeons. You may need a guide, but as Jazzpunk is such an easy, enjoyable game that’s over within about two hours, it’s worth doing a bit of reading up on or watching a walkthrough on YouTube.

Easiness: 10/10
Time required: 3 hours


19. Day of the Tentacle Remastered

Point and click games seem to be hallowed ground for completionists. Whether it’s because it’s usually very hard to reach a fail state or that they’re typically short, Platinums are never too far away.

Luckily for aggrieved PlayStation Subscribers who baulked at Day of the Tentacle being one of their free games, Day of the Tentacle at least gives you a simple Platinum. With a guide, all you have to do is interact with certain items and complete the story. It helps that it’s a great game, too.

Time required: 3 hours


20. Late Shift

Late Shift game trailer

A confusingly presented “game” (it used to be a cinema experience before being brought to consoles), Late Shift is an FMV title that boasts over four hours of film within, but you’re going to have to play through it multiple times to find every scene.

To unlock all the trophies and the elusive Platinum, you will need to unlock all seven endings. Each playthrough takes upwards of 80 minutes and there’s also no option to dip in and out of scenes. That means you’re going to have to play through it seven times to unlock everything, but don’t sweat it. There’s no difficulty involved whatsoever – it’s a game that’s only gameplay is selecting prompts.

Don’t rush to unlock all endings straight away; it’s a pretty quick way to get burnt out on a flawed but interesting title. Dip into it every week or so with the help of a guide and find everything you need to.

Easiness: 7/10
Time required: 10 hours



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