50 Easiest PS4 Platinum Trophies You Should Collect

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Hellblade PS4

21. Seasons After Fall

Seasons After Fall
Seasons After Fall

Easiness: 7/10
Time required: 8+ hours

Seasons After Fall has one of the easiest Platinum trophies for a pretty simple reason: you cannot die. No matter how troubling its puzzles may be or the amount of times your fox falls from a ledge, the game is a sincere and serene affair that you can walk through at your own leisure.

The only difficulty it really poses is finding the flowers scattered around the massive forest, but as it was originally on PC, guides will show you the way without fuss. Plus, as a bonus, the game’s actually quite neat.

The story is a little lacking and it isn’t the most enthralling of affairs, but it’s certainly one of the most relaxing. Reconnect with nature and earn a dirty Plat while you’re at it.


22. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

The Walking Dead A New Frontier
The Walking Dead A New Frontier

Easiness: 10/10
Time required: 6 hours

One of the last Telltale games to be released kept up the grand tradition of giving the player piece of cake Platinum trophies.

All you have to do is beat its five episodes. Questions is: could you put up with the emotional turmoil or severe lack of Clem?


23. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade PS4 review
Hellblade PS4

Easiness: 6/10
Time required: 8-10 hours

Hellblade is not an easy game to play in terms of its subject matter, but it most certainly is when it comes to getting its Platinum. You could theoretically get all of its trophies in just one sitting with a video guide at the ready.

It sometimes offers a challenge, but the combat is intuitive and the puzzles are difficult without being obnoxious to the extent that you will be able to crawl your way over the finish line within eight to ten hours.

Hellblade absolutely doles out Golds, just from playing through the story. The only thing that will give you pause for thought is the game’s form of collectibles, which are “lorestones”. It’s easy to miss these, but with a video guide you should be able to enjoy one of the best games of 2017 and add another Plat to your collection, too.


24. Undertale

Undertale season 2

Easiness: 6/10
Time required: 10+ hours

With the beloved pacifist RPG’s debut on PlayStation systems came a whole bunch of “unusual” trophies, clearly showing that Toby Fox doesn’t have much time for achievement hunting – the Undertale PS4 Plat is called ‘Don’t You Have Anything Better To Do?’.

There are a bunch of other silly trophies too, including a trophy for each time you pick up your first four items in the game. There’s even a silver waiting for you for picking up the fourth. The rest of the trophies are mainly earned by just playing through the game, but there’s also the option to donate money to a Dog Shrine and unlock trophies for doing so.

It’s slightly time-consuming but totally worth it, so check them all out over here.


25. Slayway Camp: Butcher’s Cut

Slayaway Camp PS4
Slayaway Camp PS4

Easiness: 8/10
Time required: 10-12 hours

Slayaway Camp is a puzzle game, which means that you can find a lot of the walkthroughs you need on YouTube – it doesn’t hurt that it was already on PC a year before making the jump to PS4.

Most of the trophies are a mix of progression through the story and feats, which are unlocked from playing naturally. A lot of the trophies also come down to unlocking gorepacks, which require currency, so there’s a little bit of a grind but nothing too terrible – it doesn’t hurt that it’s a great game, either.


26. Her Majesty’s Spiffing

Easiness: 10/10
Time required: 1 hour

Her Majesty’s Spiffing is way, way too short and never really gives itself enough time to get properly going.

Still, what’s on offer is a charming mix of British humour and simple puzzles that even we could power through. The jokes may feel totally alien to non-Brits, but we very much enjoyed unlocking a trophy for looking at a rock.

Some guides suggest that you could Plat HMS in roughly 45 minutes, but if you’ve never played the game before and aren’t used to its controls and mechanics, you can round that up to about an hour.


27. The Bunker

Easiness: 10/10
Time required: 1 hour 30 mins

Another one of those narrative-driven types, The Bunker is an FMV game set in a post-apocalyptic world made on a small budget. As you might expect, it isn’t exactly an amazing game, but it tells its story well and has a Plat that you can walkthrough your way through without much fuss.

There are couple of collectables you can miss (and you might not want to play through the “movie” again to pick them up), but if you follow the guide posted above, you should do okay.


28. Blackwood Crossing

Easiness: 10/10
Time required: 1 hour 15 mins

Blackwood Crossing is a charming little adventure game that might strike a chord with Firewatch fans. It’s a fantasy tale with some very light horror elements that doesn’t outstay its welcome, especially when you can pick up its Plat in just over an hour.

Again, make sure you don’t miss the collectibles (such as rabbits) and you should hear that comforting ping before too long.


29. Full Throttle Remastered

Easiness: 8/10
Time required: 1 hour 15 mins

Similarly to Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle Remastered is an old-school game given a fresh lick of paint and an easy Platinum trophy to boot.

It’s hard to pigeonhole FTR into one genre, which is why I would recommend that you play through it normally first for the charming experience and then hunt dem juicy trophies afterwards. You can speed through it in just over an hour if you skip absolutely everything to do with the narrative.


30. Black & White Bushido

Easiness: 7/10
Time required: 2 hours

Black & White Bushido is a quirky little game where you are invisible depending on your location against a two-tone background. You’re also a ninja. If that’s not enough, how about the fact that you can Platinum it in roughly an hour?

That being said, some of its systems are a little finicky and it can be a little challenging, so I am going to add an extra hour onto the time required. As a bonus, it’s pretty dang cheap.


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