Dragon Ball Super: Season 2 – Everything You Should Know

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball is a household name for anyone who’s somewhat familiar with anime, and that’s for good reason. It’s considered to be a pioneer in the animation industry, and has inspired countless other works over its course. Last we saw, Dragon Ball Super ended in 2018 with episode 131, a journey that lasted nearly three years. Fast forward to 2022, the anime is still on hiatus, and fans can’t stop asking when Dragon Ball Super: Season 2 will be released.

Although it’s not officially been addressed, no doubt Toei Animation is working on Dragon Ball Super: Season 2. Intriguingly, an interview with an animator at the company published on the Dragon Ball website has him stating that he’s excited about the new Dragon Ball Super anime. That may not be a direct confirmation, but as far as the second season is concerned, it’s a certainty.


When Is Dragon Ball Super: Season 2 Coming Out?

Again, Toei Animation remains tight-lipped about the Dragon Ball Super: Season 2 release date, but strong indications have led us to believe the anime will indeed be returning in 2023. Keeping in mind that these are just rumors, another one has stated that the anime will also conclude with only 60 episodes this time around.

The second movie of the Dragon Ball Super franchise recently hit theaters, and the great reception reminds us once again how devoted the fanbase is. With the iron as hot as ever, 2023 does present itself as the perfect time for the anime to return.


What Is Dragon Ball Super: Season 2 About? (Spoiler Alert)

According to the manga order, Dragon Ball Super: Season 2 will begin with the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga unless the studio alternates towards a changed story, which seems unlikely. This part of the manga has Goku and Vegeta face off against a powerful wizard Moro, who seeks to consume planets to grow stronger.

Afterward, the Granolah the Survivor Saga will commence, which will pit the Saiyans against a formidable bounty hunter who’s gunning for revenge. These two sagas completely cover the manga up till the latest chapters, and if we were to take the assumption above about Dragon Ball Super: Season 2 being 60 episodes long into account, it does make sense as these parts of the story will easily be covered in that number.


Which Studio Is Making Dragon Ball Super: Season 2?

There’s no other studio except for Toei Animation that could possibly make Dragon Ball Super: Season 2, as they’re the ones that have adapted both the original anime series and Super.

Toei has done a terrific job animating Dragon Ball Super for the most part and has continually delivered episodes week after week. If at all, it’d be a shock if Toei wasn’t announced to be the studio behind the sequel anime.


Where Will Dragon Ball Super: Season 2 Be Aired?

Finding Dragon Ball Super: Season 2 won’t be that difficult due to it being an exceptionally popular anime. But if you want specifics, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu are the way to go.

For now, though, it’ll still be a while before Dragon Ball Super: Season 2 gets released, so until then, either give Season 1 a re-watch or embrace the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

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