Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training For The Switch Coming To Europe In January

Start the new year being told you're an idiot.

Brain Age

Already announced that it’s coming to Japan a few weeks ago, the Nintendo Switch version of Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training will be launching in Europe on January 3rd 2020, just a few days after Japan’s December 27th release date. There’s been no word on a US release date yet, though. Either way, check out the European announcement below.

The new version of Brain Training is designed to utilise the different features and capabilities of the Switch, including the gryoscope, touchscreen (the retail version will come bundled with a stylus, but your finger will work just fine) and infrared cameras, though that does mean that the Nintendo Switch Lite is at a disadvantage in that respect, due its lack of IR camera.

Brain Training is exactly what it says on the tin: training for your brain. You complete puzzles and challenges designed to calculate your Brain Age, with the hope that daily exercises will see your Brain Age score improve the more you play. Between Ring Fit Adventure and Brain Training, you can start 2020 improving your body and mind.

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