Nintendo Switch Cross-Play Games: The Complete List

All the Switch games that cross the divide.

Nintendo Switch

If you’d told any gamer at the start of the generation that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo would begin working together to enable cross-play, they probably would have laughed in your face. The thought of long-time rivals partnering up to allow players across multiple devices to take part in the same multiplayer game was pretty far-fetched, especially where Nintendo are concerned as they’ve always kind of done their own thing.

It wasn’t Nintendo who proved to be a stumbling block for cross console-play, however. With their big lead in the “console wars” and a wish to protect what they had, Sony were the ones who posed the most resistance, only recently buckling and allowing console cross-play properly. Nintendo and Microsoft led the charge with Epic’s Fortnite being the biggest catalyst with its community annoyed that only the PS4 was left out in the cold.

With Switch cross-play across all possible platforms now a reality, it’s time to look at all of the games you can already play with friends on other devices. It’s worth nothing here that the Switch isn’t that heavily focused on multiplayer compared to other platforms, so this is more of a slender list. You should expect that to change over time, however.


Nintendo Switch Cross-Play Games

Fortnite v10.40

The below is in alphabetical order, all available cross-play platforms follow the colon.

Aragami: Xbox One, PC
Blobcat: PC
Brawlhalla: Xbox One
Chess Ultra: Xbox One, PC
Dauntless*: PS4, Xbox One, PC (*not yet released on Switch)
Disc Jam: PC
Fortnite: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Android, iOS
Hero Siege: PC, Mac, Android, iOS
Hover: Xbox One, PC
Mantis Burn Racing: Xbox One, PC
Minecraft: Xbox One, PC, Android, iOS, PS4
Mushroom Wars 2: PC, Mac, Android iOS
NBA 2K Playgrounds 2: Xbox One, PC
Next Up Hero: Xbox One, Mac, PC
Paladins: Champions of the Realm: Xbox One, PC, PS4
Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid: PC, Xbox One, PS4
Pinball FX 3: Xbox One, PC
Realm Royale: Xbox One, PC, PS4
Riptide GP Renegade: PC
Rocket League: Xbox One, PC, PS4
Siegecraft Commander: Xbox One, PC
SMITE: Xbox One, PC, PS4
Trailblazers: Xbox One, PC
Treasure Stack: Xbox One, PC
Ultimate Chicken Horse: PC, Mac
Wargroove: Xbox One, PC

Bear in mind that you may need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play some of these games with friends. A Nintendo Switch Online subscription allows you to play multiplayer online on your Switch, as well as giving you access to a library of NES and SNES games each month.

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