Devolver Digital E3 2019: Start Time, Games & What To Expect

Weirdness. Expect weirdness.


The unsung highlight of E3 for two years running, Devolver Digital has been killing it with their conferences, offering a satirical look at the gaming industry while spotlighting some of the best indie titles money can buy. Devolver have definitely struck gold with their presentations, and we’re excited to see what they come up with this year. Here’s all the key details you’ll need for their conference.


Devolver Digital E3 2019: Start Time

E3 2017 devolver

The Devolver Digital conference will start on Sunday, June 9th at 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern and 3am GMT on Monday, June 10th. While that’s incredibly late in the day for UK viewers, or incredibly early in the morning depending on how you want to look at it, we’d highly recommend staying up to watch it, especially if previous shows are anything to go by. Previous shows also ran for half an hour, so at least you won’t be up for too long after it starts.


Devolver Digital E3 2019: What To Expect


Weirdness. Expect a heck of a lot of weirdness. Devolver’s conferences are nothing short of bizarre, which is part of the reason why they’ve become so popular. In a week filled with straight-laced conferences being undertook by developers who are clearly (and understandably) nervous about presenting their game, Devolver’s devil may care attitude is beautiful to behold.

Beyond that, Devolver have announced that they will be showcasing four game reveals during their conference, with one game being available to purchase immediately, while another, according to their website, will be priced “at something like $5,000”. Like I said, weirdness, but Devolver’s official website promises all will become clear soon enough.


Devolver Digital E3 2019: Which Games Will Be Shown?

Metal Wolf Chaos XD

While the official website states that there will be four game reveals, suggesting plenty of unseen titles, we should probably expect the likes of Metal Wolf Chaos XD and My Friend Pedro to receive confirmed release dates, with Pedro currently set for an unspecified time in June. Perhaps that’s the immediate launch alluded to on the website. Metal Wolf will also be available to try for E3 attendees at the Devolver Digital Trailer Park.

Yes, they’re showcasing their titles in a Trailer Park. Never change, Devolver.

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