Rumour: Fable 4 Potentially Leaked Ahead Of Xbox’s E3 Show

Potentially. Someone could be pulling our legs here.


We’re treating this one with a few “rumour” disclaimers because there’s not an Amazon UK listing for this supposed leak like there was with Watch Dogs Legion, but here we are. According to a thread on Reddit, details have emerged regarding the existence of Fable 4, specifically its story, gameplay and some returning characters.

The leak states that players can enjoy Fable 4 in first and third person and there’ll be an in-depth character creator, and the game will be completely open to the point you can completely forget about the main quest and never become a hero. The leak also says that there’ll be multiplayer, the game will run on Unreal Engine and that players can also build their own towns, which will supposedly tie into the game’s bad ending quite heavily.

Speaking of the story, Fable 4 will be set in a world post-Albion and Aurora, as a mad king rebuilt the Spire to reduce lands to rubble. He used the Spire to wish for two asteroids to strike the planet; one then and one in the future. Eons into said future, you control a new hero in a new world who wants to stop this asteroid from wiping everything out. Again.

In order to do so, you’ll require the help of the Hero’s Guild, somehow still preserved on another planet behind one of the series’ famous Demon Doors. Time travel is said to feature heavily, and Fable 4 will also see the return of the fortune teller Theresa, along with the villainous Jack of Blades, who was the first game’s antagonist.

Honestly, this leak sounds quite plausible. Rumours of a Fable 4 being developed by Playground Games aren’t exactly new, but it looks like E3 2019 might be the time for an official reveal. As for the story and gameplay details, it features enough old references and features to keep long-time fans invested, while adding something new so that the new developers can put their own stamp on the series. It’s exactly the type of move a new developer on a fan favourite series would/should make. Whether it’s actually true or not, we’ll find out on Sunday.

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