FILM REVIEW: Logan – See You Around, Bub

Logan movie

Logan sees the, supposedly, last time we will see Hugh Jackman don the claws as Wolverine. After almost two decades, to say Jackman is good at playing Logan would be an understatement.

While not all of his film appearances have been met with praise, Jackman was never the problem. That’s why it’s such a relief to know that if this is his last time, it’s a tremendous send off.

The film is set in 2029. Logan is trying to make money as a Limo driver to gain the medicine to keep Charles Xavier from having devastating mental health problems. If you know what Professor X is capable of with his mind you’ll know that is bad news for everyone around him.

After a run in with a mother and child, Logan reluctantly decides to take the child to a safe haven. In fact it is mainly Xavier who is the one trying to convince Logan he still has a purpose to his life.


However, this is not a film the normal superhero audience will be used to. Nearly all the protagonists in this story are at breaking point, if not broken completely.

There are flashes of hope and happiness to take in, which makes the rest of the story all the harder to watch. Boyd Holbrook of Narcos fame is the man trying to track down Logan and the child, Laura, played by Dafne Keen, who does an amazing job in this film.

Make no mistake though, this is the Hugh Jackman show and it’s all the better for it. Jackman is able to show sides of Logan he’s never had the opportunity to do before. The film that fans having been waiting years for is finally here.

If you wanted the hardened, gritty, brutal Wolverine, you’ll get it in this film and then some. In fact, the film wastes no time in telling you what kind of Wolverine this is with Logan’s first word being a profanity.

While the gore and action sequences are a sight to behold, it’s the story and dramatic sequences that make this stand above the other films in this franchise. The moments between Xavier, Logan, and Laura are funny, heartwarming and at times tragic to watch.

The finale to Logan will divide opinion amongst fans. Whilst the ending is completely satisfying, the journey to get there is at times questionable. However, it never reaches the disappointing heights of the previous outing with The Wolverine turning into a standard blockbuster ending.

The director James Mangold has clearly got a great understanding of the character. It seems in both films he has had trouble executing the perfect ending for our hero, and for this film especially I wanted it to be perfect not almost perfect.

All I can say to end this review is thank you to Hugh Jackman and all involved in this film. You have done yourselves as well as this fascinating character proud. If this is end for Logan, it’s been a pleasure to watch you work, bub.

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Logan movie
This could now be the best X-Men film in the franchise. It's a huge relief to have a fitting end to a great character and even better actor. In short, go see it as soon you can.