15 Best Cyberpunk Games You Should Plug Into

Kirby these ain't.

Society is on the brink of collapse, ruled over by law enforcement that answers to an AI hivemind. As part of an underground resistance, you set out to right the wrongs of the world and restore peace. Battling against external and internal foe, you start to learn that not everything is as it seems.

That’s about as textbook as you can get when it comes to a cyberpunk video game plotline. Thankfully, the fleshed out best cyberpunk games on this list aren’t just the cut and dry, picture-perfect representation of what we imagine when we think about the notion of cyberpunk. They’re quite a bit more than that, imbued with a substance that has helped land them on this list of the best cyberpunk games of all time.

Ever wonder what the future has in store for humanity? These 15 best cyberpunk games may have the answer.


The Best Cyberpunk Games

15. Gemini Rue

Gemini Rue

Developer: Joshua Nuemberger
Publisher: Wadjet Eye Games

Point and click your way through a dystopian world where power is a vital resource controlled by a crime syndicate known as the Boryokudan. Through a series of interconnected narratives, players unravel the complexities of the 23rd-century universe.

Rather than unfolding the central plot through action-packed cutscenes, Joshua Nuemberger opted for a graphic point-and-click adventure. The story unfolds through text boxes as you solve puzzles and come across a host of NPCs, some willing to help, others cautious of your intentions.

Different from most graphic adventures, Gemini Rue does feature segments of gunplay to break up the slower-paced gameplay.


14. Technobabylon


Developer: Technocrat Games
Publisher: Wadjet Eye Games

For some reason, cyberpunk games tend to work really well within the point-and-click graphic adventure genre. Technobabylon is no exception to the rule as it sends players exploring the city of Newton, which is controlled by an AI known only as Central.

As is typical with cyberpunk games, Central controls the entire city, including enforcing the law. This doesn’t bode well for protagonist Latha Sesame, who finds herself on the wrong side of Central. There is plenty to unfold in Technobabylon, which is made easier thanks to a story that’s well-worth pointing and clicking through.

If it’s an in-depth world you love in your best cyberpunk games, Technobabylon delivers.


13. VA-11 HALL-A


Developer: Sukeban Games
Publisher: Ysbryd Games

Though the title references a place of Norse mythology, VA-11 HALL-A has nothing to do with Asgard, Odin, or Thor. Instead, you take control of a bartender at VA-11 HALL-A, a dive bar thriving in a cyberpunk universe. You’ll see plenty of colorful characters behind the bar, but you won’t be engaging them in combat or seeking out the truth to some deadly puzzle to save the world. Instead, you’ll serve them drinks.

VA-11 HALL-A is a rather unique game that mixes storytelling with having to mix specific beverages to your clientèle. The setting is a world barely surviving under the weight of corporations, where humans are implanted with oppressive nanomachines and fear the White Knights of the law.

You’re not tasked with saving the world or ridding society of robotic invaders. You’re just there to serve your patrons, listen to their woes, and see how the finest details of a world can unfold without even leaving the comfort of VA-11 HALL-A.

From our VA-11 HALL-A review:

“While it’s not the most immediate of games and probably won’t appeal to those who want constant stimulation and action, VA-11 HALL-A has a tonne of heart that cannot be denied and a lot more depth than you may initially realise, all backed by razor-sharp writing (which also isn’t afraid of pushing taboos) and lovely visuals. Pour yourself a cold one and allow yourself to be surprised by this gem.”

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12. Blade Runner

Blade RUnner game

Developer: Westwood Studios
Publisher: Virgin Interactive

If it’s a continuation of the Rick Deckard saga you’re looking for, Blade Runner won’t be the game for you. Instead, it’s a completely unique story that takes place in the same universe.

It’s quite the faithful recreation of the futuristic city and even features the noodle bar where Deckard first appeared in the original film. The video game iteration takes place during the events of the film and follows the exploits of Ray McCoy, a rookie Blade Runner.

Point-and-click gameplay helps unravel a story filled with plenty of twists and turns, uncovered through thorough detective work. Players search for evidence and analyze clues to follow the trail of the replicants expected of murdering animals. It wouldn’t be thorough detective work if you didn’t have to question NPCs, and Blade Runner has a colorful cast of characters, all with their own lives and connections to the band of deadly replicants.


11. Transistor


Developer: Supergiant Games
Publisher: Supergiant Games

A cyberpunk narrative told through an isometric point of view – could we ask for a more entertaining pairing for a best cyberpunk games list?

Far different from what many would call a “Diablo clone,” Transistor utilizes two forms of combat: real-time and strategic. Using the “Turn” ability, players are able to freeze enemies for a short time to plan out their next attack. It helps solidify the strategy often associated with role-playing games.

At the core of the story is focused around Red, a singer that finds herself in possession of a mystical sword and without her voice. With Transistor, Red has access to special abilities that help clear the colorful and futuristic worlds of robotic enemies.

The look of Transistor screams “cyberpunk” and is one of the best aspects of the game, which is saying a lot considering there are many things to love here.


10. Mirror’s Edge

Mirror's Edge

Developer: EA DICE
Publisher: Electronic Arts

When the government has complete control over all communication, there are several ways for a rebel group to pass information. Mirror’s Edge explores one option – a series of “runners” that physically carry data to avoid the overmind.

Mirror’s Edge is a first-person action-platformer that tasks players with maneuvering throughout the dystopian city using the only viable form of travel – by foot. As Faith Connors, players run and climb over rooftops, slip into ventilation shafts, and combine speed with surprise to take down armed operatives.

While Assassin’s Creed was heavy with parkour, Mirror’s Edge was all about vaulting, sliding, and running across surfaces. The gameplay can take some getting used to, but once you’ve mastered timing and the different surfaces, you’ll be cruising across The City with ease.

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9. Syndicate Wars

Syndicate Wars

Developer: Bullfrog Productions
Publisher: Electronic Arts

Remember DOS? If so, there’s a chance you checked out this 1996 isometric RPG. Taking place in the year 2191, players take control of EuroCorp, a syndicate corporation carried over from the original game released 3 years earlier.

Unlike many games, you don’t play the hero that sets out to bring down the villainous corporation. You control the corporation, which has a firm grip on the world through mind control, microchip implants, and a strong military power.

Your job as the newly appointed executive is to prevent a damaging virus known as the Harbinger from diminishing your control on humanity. Gameplay follows a group of EuroCorp agents – or acolytes for players wanting to play as the “heroic” Church of the New Epoch – in an isometric view. Weapon loadouts upgrade immensely in the late game from standard uzis to pulse lasers and gravity guns, providing the game with some of its best parts.

Mission objectives vary from one level to the next and aren’t entirely unique, especially for someone picking up Syndicate Wars today, but they’re enough to drive the story forward. Syndicate Wars originally released on DOS but was later ported to the PSone with new cutscenes and changes to certain levels.


8. The Red Strings Club

Developer: Deconstructeam
Publisher: Devolver Digital

If there’s one thing those fearful of the future will be very resistant to, it’s mandated implants across all of society. The Red Strings Club uses this idea as a launching point, introducing Supercontinent Ltd. as a purveyor of devices that can alter physical and mental aspects of a person.

Three playable protagonists – Brandeis, Donovan, and the android Akara-184 – band together to try to stop the corporation from releasing a new system that would eliminate all human emotion. The game unfolds in a variety of puzzles and tasks that differ based on who you’re playing as.

By testing various implements and exploring human emotion, the trio of heroes can formulate a plan to stop Supercontinent Ltd.

From our The Red Strings Club review:

“The Red Strings Club is an exceptionally written game, and a very lovingly made one to boot. Its art and design feel pretty much brilliantly realised, and leave you wanting to see more of the Red Strings’ world.”


7. Snatcher

Snatcher game

Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami

There was a time when people loved Konami. The creative minds churned out thorough adventures that thrived on story and character-building. One of its earlier titles was Snatcher, a graphic adventure set in the mid-21st century.

Having been developed in 1988, the 21st century was still a ways off, which explains the dystopian prediction of the future, set off by a biological weapon that decimated the world’s population. What’s left are the remnants of society and humanoid robots that take over the lives of humans by donning their flesh.

You are Gillian Seed, an amnesiac who takes up working for JUNKER, a task force that hunts and deactivates the robots. Clearly influenced by Blade Runner, Snatcher is a clever tale that will have you questioning who’s a robot and who’s organic. As Seed, you’ll interview and investigate to track down the robotic Snatchers in hopes of ridding the world of them forever.

Fans of a popular Konami series will enjoy the small Easter egg – a robot that bears a familiar name.

Metal Gear. It’s a Metal Gear reference.

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6. .hack//G.U. Vol. 1//Rebirth

hack vol 1

Developer: CyberConnect2
Publisher: Bandai Namco Games

This wasn’t an easy choice as the .hack//G.U. series is all around pretty great if you’re looking for the best cyberpunk role-playing games. However, this is one of those series’ you need to start from the beginning to enjoy the full experience, so here we are – the beginning.

Rebirth sets the stage for 4 volumes of cyberpunk greatness, set in a MMORPG simulation known as The World. As Haseo, players explore sprawling, monster-filled dungeons, take a break in “Root Towns,” or even log out of The World completely to take care of real-life tasks. Those include checking emails and the news, viewing message boards, and tinkering with background music. So, yes, most of your time will be spent in The World.

Like the source material it’s based on, combat is all real time, though there are pauses when selecting magic, items, or skills. Haseo can also collect new weapons along the way to wield or give to his companions. The RPG elements are pretty standard, but it’s the overworld and story that help .hack//G.U. shine.


5. Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark 1a

Developer: Rare
Publisher: Rare

In 2010, Rare released a follow-up to a highly popular 2000 first-person shooter for the N64. It was a relatively successful title for the Xbox 360 but fell a little short of capturing the awe and wonder of the source material. The source? A trip back a few generations to the start of Joanna Dark’s action-packed career as a Carrington Institute agent.

Perfect Dark released in a post-GoldenEye 007 world, which made it hard not to be compared, but the game does a very good job of not feeling like a reskin. Along with unique gameplay mechanics, the futuristic setting, assortment of clever weapons and gadgets, and aliens – yes, aliens – separates Perfect Dark from the exploits of James Bond.

Perfect Dark is so wonderfully bizarre that much of its charm is how ludicrous it gets toward the end. Though the focus of the game is an interstellar war, there’s no denying the cyberpunk elements scattered throughout, appropriately landing it on this “best of” list.


4. Shadowrun

Shadowrun 1993

Developer: Beam Software
Publisher: Data East

When you talk about Shadowrun, you really need to be specific. Do you mean the 1993 SNES action role-playing game? The 1994 Genesis title from BlueSky Software? Maybe even 1996’s visual novel for the Mega-CD. Heck, there’s even the 2007 first-person shooter. You get the point.

Surprisingly, they were all at least decent games, but it’s the 1993 SNES game from Beam Software that earns its spot on this list of best cyberpunk games. One thing we left off from that list above is the FASA tabletop game of the same name, which this digital role-player is based on.

Pulled from the first novel in the series, the SNES Shadowrun pits players in a futuristic Seattle, WA. Jake Armitage, your protagonist for this adventure, starts the game off dead. Of course, he doesn’t remain that way, and what follows is a quirky journey in an isometric viewpoint.

Fans of old-school RPGs will want to dive right into Shadowrun as it features dialogue choices to uncover new information; character stats; equipable items; armor, weapons, skills, and magic; and turn-based combat. All of this is brought to life in glorious pixelated action.

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3. Xenogears


Developer: Square Product Development Division 3
Publisher: Square Electronic Arts

There was a time when if the name “Squaresoft” was associated with a project, it was well worth being excited for. Things have since changed, and Squaresoft no longer exists in the same capacity, but we at least have those classics to return to. That includes this best cyberpunk game, an RPG that’s filled with an art style that, today, reeks of nostalgia and a score you can drive to.

As you explore a vibrant overworld, your team of characters will get sucked into primarily random encounters. Using an Active Time Battle system, you’ll have to pay close attention to enemy moves, hit points, and stats to best succeed in each fight.

To add a little oomph to the standard RPG combat, characters don’t just fight hand-to-hand. They can summon power Gears to take down enemies of all sizes. It’s in these Gears that the game’s true combat comes out, giving players a range of skills and abilities to dominate the encounter.

As well-received as Xenogears was, it was never graced with a proper sequel. Instead, members of the original development team, including director Tetsuya Takahashi, created Xenosaga, a spiritual successor.


2. System Shock

System Shock

Developer: Looking Glass Technologies
Publisher: Origin Systems

You can sit around and wait patiently for your System Shock remake or any potential news on Night Dive Studios’ System Shock 3, or you can boot up the original (or Enhanced Edition) and enjoy a classic the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

System Shock was a revolutionary title that spawned a series of “spiritual successors” that you may or may not recall. BioShock? Does that ring a bell? Without the dystopian world of System Shock gracing PCs back in 1994, we never would have had the opportunity to visit Rapture and float above the world.

Before Irrational Games decided to take the series down the horror route, System Shock was largely an action-adventure first-person shooter. In the year 2072, you play as a nameless hacker who gets caught up in a story so much bigger than he or she.

With technology as a primary focus, players will battle against the SHODAN AI and enter a cyberspace to collect information on the program’s security. Think of it as shifting between worlds in Silent Hill, minus the creepy monsters and fog.


1. Deus Ex

deus ex

Developer: Ion Storm
Publisher: Eidos Interactive

Ion Storm may no longer exist, but the legacy it left behind with Deus Ex is one that won’t soon be forgotten. Especially after the release of popular sequels like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mankind Divided released relatively recently.

Set in a future where people can be augmented by nanotechnology, players control JC Denton, an operative of the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition. Denton has a few tricks up his sleeve thanks to his own augments, which add a fun spin to the first-person shooter gameplay. If you ever wanted to feel like a superhero with a license to kill, this is your opportunity.

The game’s augmentation system heavily influences its RPG elements by letting players adjust skill points and enhance abilities for a customizable gameplay experience. Firearms can also receive their own upgrades and modifications so you can take to combat how you feel most comfortable.

To solidify that it’s a true-to-form RPG, Deus Ex features dialogue choices that can advance conversation or stop it dead in its tracks. Say the right thing, and you may learn something otherwise hidden. Some of the game may feel a little dated today, but it’s still an enjoyable experience worthy of the top spot on this best cyberpunk games list.

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