15 Best Anime Openings of All Time

Cowboy Bebop Tank
Cowboy Bebop Tank

Many aspects can make an anime memorable for its fans, whether it be its story, characters, or visuals. But one thing that several fans look forward to in an anime is its opening, as it can instantly hook in viewers. An anime opening (also known as OP) should have the right balance of hype music and dazzling animation that can bring out all sorts of emotions. It should also set the tone and give viewers an idea of what to expect from the anime they’re watching. Thankfully, several anime did just that.

Throughout the years, we’ve been introduced to many good anime openings. A lot of them got the formula right, which makes them hard to skip every time we watch a new episode. If you’re curious to know some, we’ve gathered this list of the best anime openings ever released, restricting ourselves to one OP per anime.


15. Sorairo Days (Gurren Lagann)

Artist: Shoko Nakagawa
Season: 1

Here’s one that’ll get you more attached to it the more you watch the show. “Sorairo Days’” tone and lyrics depict how much Gurren Lagann is a rollercoaster of a ride. Several shots will show you the energy the anime will bring, and it never fails to hype you up to join Simon’s mech-filled adventure.

“Sorairo Days” also changes based on where you currently are in the anime. It incorporates the story’s events into its lyrics, which makes viewers love it even more as they get further into the show. The song also plays in many high moments throughout the anime, making you more emotional when you hear it.


14. The Rumbling (Attack on Titan)

Artist: SiM
Season: 4 – Part 2

Attack on Titan is known for delivering banger openings, but Final Season – Part 2’s is something else. “The Rumbling” managed to capture the essence of its story arc and turn it into a song worthy of a spot on this list. Its metal music makes listeners feel the destruction the Rumbling will bring in Attack on Titan.

This song also feels like the theme song of Attack on Titan’s protagonist, Eren. After his personality changes in the final season, this song gives us a glimpse of his feelings. It shows how conflicted Eren is, but he’s still willing to spill as much blood as he needs to protect his people.


13. Hacking to the Gate (Steins;Gate)

Artist: Kanako Ito
Season: 1

“Hacking to the Gate” didn’t hold back in showing off its themes of time travel. It does a great job of capturing Steins;Gate’s narrative by using several symbolisms throughout the opening. It also hits harder for people who’ve already watched the whole anime, as they finally understand how deep the song is.

The opening starts with an upbeat guitar riff while showing off its imagery of time travel. It’s followed by an intense chorus filled with many glitches that add to the overall atmosphere. Several plot points can also be seen in the opening, but it’s subtle enough to not spoil anything.


12. Bloody Stream (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Artist: Coda
Season: 1 (arc 2)

Is this another JoJo reference? It is indeed because “Bloody Stream” deserves to be on this list. “Bloody Stream” is the second opening theme of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, played during the Battle Tendency arc. Out of all JoJo openings, Bloody Stream is one of the best they got.

Its stylish visuals and charming vocals truly capture how bizarre JoJo is. The animation was mesmerizing enough that it managed to nail the atmosphere of JoJo as a whole. Pair that with Coda’s charming voice, and we’ve got ourselves a well-crafted opening that suits its anime.


11. Hikaru Nara (Your Lie In April)

Artist: Goose House
Season: 1

Just like its anime, “Hikaru Nara” hits harder than many other openings. Goose House successfully filled this song with the passion it needed and deserved. The powerful melody of this uplifting song will make you feel the emotions that the anime brings all over again.

“Hikaru Nara” starts strong with a playful guitar opening as it slowly builds up its epic chorus. The chorus will shoot through your heart, leaving you headbanging for the rest of the song. “Hikaru Nara” is one of the most captivating anime openings ever released, especially if you know what happens in the story.


10. 99 (Mob Psycho 100)

Season: 1

This opening makes counting to 100 a lot more hyper than it needs to be, but that’s what makes it so good. Mob Psycho 100’s first opening, “99,” earns a spot on this list for its outstanding visuals and catchy lyrics. It also incorporates the anime’s theme of figuring out what you want to be, turning it into an opening that’s hard to skip.

“99” will definitely give you a lot of energy when you encounter it while watching the anime. It’s also filled with subtle hints, foreshadowing many crucial parts of the story. It even includes a nice touch wherein it transitions perfectly back to the beginning when set on a loop.


9. Again (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Artist: YUI
Season: 1

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has several good openings, but who could forget the first one? When you watch the anime and listen to “Again,” you’ll want to get to the next episode to hear it again.

This opening managed to nail the pacing by ensuring it flowed well with the action. It showcases many epic moments, along with the emotions of the protagonist, Edward. Add YUI’s vocals into the mix, and you’ve got this masterpiece that’ll instantly hook you in. “Again” is a perfect representation of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood as a whole.


8. Mukanjyo (Vinland Saga)

Artist: Survive Said The Prophet
Season: 1

Vinland Saga managed to deliver one of the best openings in recent years. “Mukanjyo” is an opening that’ll energize your body and soul when you listen to it, thanks to its hype rhythm and Survive Said The Prophet’s vocals.

It also does a great job of conveying the emotions of the protagonist, Thorfinn, which makes you empathize with his character more. The lyrics are also well-suited for the story and theme of Vinland Saga’s first season. Out of all the openings in this list, “Mukanjyo” is definitely an underrated, well-crafted opening that deserves more praise.


7. Kick Back (Chainsaw Man)

Artist: Kenshi Yonezu
Season: 1

As the most recent opening in this list, “Kick Back” is the culmination of years of anime openings. Chainsaw Man took many good qualities from generations of anime openings to become its own masterpiece. “Kick Back’s” tone perfectly encapsulates what Chainsaw Man is, an anime filled with action, comedy, and tragedy.

Not only is the song catchy, but the visuals created by Studio MAPPA are also marvelous. It sets expectations on how gruesome the anime will be. The opening also gives a lot of foreshadowing of what’s to come for the series. Kick Back’s success spoke for its quality as it already reached over 60 million views on YouTube and debuted at #65 on Spotify.


6. The Hero!! (One Punch Man)

Artist: JAM Project
Season: 1

Of course, the iconic “One Puuuunchhhh” earns a spot on this list. “The Hero” is the opening you need if you ever want to feel like a superhero anime protagonist. It did a fantastic job of giving you the goofy, exhilarating, and over-the-top vibe that has earned One Punch Man a legion of fans.

The lyrics are also catchy, so you might sing along when you listen to the opening. It also has beautifully animated sequences that may even top the entire second season of One Punch Man. Kidding aside, “The Hero” is a must-add to your anime playlist if you’re into hype music that makes you feel like a main character.


5. Brave Shine (Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works)

Artist: Aimer
Season: 2

Both Ufotable and Aimer knock it out of the park with this opening. “Brave Shine” has one of the best visuals and vocals the Fate franchise can offer. Its gorgeous animation provides us with clean and dazzling sequences, which shows how good Ufotable is as a studio.

Aimer also poured her heart out when she sang this opening. Her unreal vocals elevated “Brave Shine” to a way higher level, making it more majestic. The song also has top-tier music, with its guitar riff at the beginning instantly giving you goosebumps.


4. Unravel (Tokyo Ghoul)

Artist: TK from Ling Toshite Sigure
Season: 1

No best anime openings list is complete without Tokyo Ghoul’s “Unravel.” This opening is widely popular among the anime community, even for non-Tokyo Ghoul fans. “Unravel” hits all the marks that a well-made anime opening must meet.

The opening’s serene beginning gives the viewer a relaxing, peaceful vibe that’s short-lived. The song changes into a more emotional melody when it reaches the chorus, perfectly encapsulating Ken Kaneki’s feelings. Add that to some aesthetic visuals and mesmerizing vocals, then “Unravel” meets all the requirements for a fantastic anime opening.


3. Tank! (Cowboy Bebop)

Artist: The Seatbelts
Season: 1

Cowboy Bebop’s “Tank!” is undoubtedly a classic and iconic opening. Its jazz instruments and minimalistic style are enough to make it more unique than other anime openings. In fact, “Tank!” is so popular that it was also used in international commercials.

It also successfully sets the tone for Cowboy Bebop’s space western setting. Even though it may not seem as much compared to other openings on this list, “Tank!” has passed the test of time because of its catchy tune and colorful visuals.


2. Colors (Code Geass)

Artist: FLOW
Season: 1

FLOW is known for creating other popular openings, but one of their true masterpieces was “Colors.” When you watch Code Geass, there’s no better way to start off than being greeted by this banger song. “Colors” set the standard of what an opening should be, a highly catchy song with beautiful vocals and animation.

This opening sets up the exhilarating ride of Code Geass through its upbeat music and hype vocals. The sequences also did a great job of portraying Lelouch’s complex emotions. With a tune and animation as good as this, “Colors” is the best song to support the mech-filled world of Code Geass.


1. A Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Artist: Yoko Takahashi
Season: 1

Despite its age, “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” is still in the hearts of several anime fans. Neon Genesis Evangelion’s opening was considered the peak of anime openings during its time, and there are many reasons why it persists as one of the best anime openings ever all these years later.

“A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” tells a story by itself, showing that despite the sadness you feel, you can still become a legend if you remain confident and hopeful. The opening is also filled to the brim with mech action, which gives you the right amount of sci-fi vibes. Although “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” may be outdated to some, it’s still one of the best anime openings ever released and the perfect accompaniment to an absolutely legendary anime.

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