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YouTuber Recs is a new series we’re launching to bring the spotlight on the underrated YouTubers that are the backbone for the community. In between all of the talk show clips and drama, there’s a lot that slips between the cracks that deserves your attention.

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Rezza Plays

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Reece Sanders

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ReZZa Plays

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How did you get started on YouTube?
Back when I was at secondary school I started up my first channel which was separate to the channel I upload on now I started it because I thought It was a fun thing to do and because my mates liked it too. But now I’ve really gotten into youtube with gaming and plan to get as far as possible with it, i still find it as a fun little hobby but my outlook on what i want to achieve has been set a lot higher so when I make videos I try to edit and make them as professional and fun to watch as possible, I put my all into what I create.

Which other creators inspire you the most?
TheGamingLemon, Gehab, Syndicate, Miniminter, VanossGaming and MiniLadd are a few that really inspire me.

Where do you see the channel in a year’s time?
Hopefully no different than now except even more professional than before and with a bigger audience backing me.

Do you have any equipment to recommend?
I highly recommend for anyone just starting their channel, to have a laptop/PC good enough to edit either using Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas or HitFilm (Which is a free editing program). They will also need a good microphone to get them crisp and smooth sounding commentaries so I recommend the blue snowball mic and also some way to record from their console/PC so they will have to get an Elgato or a cheaper alternative is the Avermedia LGP Lite.

Anything else we should know?
One thing I’ve learned over doing YouTube is to just have fun and don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, just remember youtube is about having fun and putting your all into creating content to bring smiles and laughter to everyone in your community.

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