Starfield: Where To Find Ionic Liquids

Ionic Liquids
Ionic Liquids

Ionic Liquids (or IL) are an exotic tier 3 resource that you can find while exploring the vast cosmos of Starfield. You’ll need this resource to craft various items and fulfil research project requirements, like the Performance Enhancement 3 research project.

While Ionic Liquids are of exotic rarity, there are still numerous ways to acquire this resource without much hassle. Planets and moons, for example, are rich farming methods that can provide a great number of Ionic Liquids if you know where to look. Scanning various planets will show you the resources they house, and if you spot IL under the resource tab, then you’ve found a hotspot.

Here are a few locations that have Ionic Liquids, and best of all, you can access them early in your playthrough if you wish:

  • Niira (Narion System)
  • Procyon III (Procyon A System)
  • Procyon III-a (Procyon A System)
  • Volii Epsilon (Volii System)
  • Wellish (Cheyenne System)

When you land at one of these locations, you are in search of Ionic Liquids Seep. The easiest way to find them is to equip your hand scanner as you explore the surface.

When you find one, you’ll quickly notice that your Cutter won’t be able to mine it. As they are a gas resource, the only way to obtain them is to walk up to the seep and extract the resource by interacting with it. There will be a button prompt that will tell you what to press. Once harvested, the resource will go straight into your inventory.

If you don’t feel up for a little exploring, you can always purchase it from several vendors across the settled systems. Here’s a vendor that you can access early on in your playthrough:

  • Jemison Mercantile (New Atlantis Spaceport)

Lastly, you can also find the resource on corpses or in loot crates as you explore the galaxy. Though the drops are part of the RNG loot pool, this isn’t a reliable farming method; it’s more of a bonus on top of everything else you can do.

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