Sons of the Forest: Where To Get Water

Sons of the Forest Water
Sons of the Forest Water

Above all of the many resources that you have to keep on top of in Sons of the Forest, by far the biggest requirement is keeping yourself hydrated and lowering your thirst levels by drinking water. It’s not easy trying to survive on a mysterious island with cannibals lurking around every corner, even more so when your character can barely go half a day without needing to drink.

The best and easiest place to find water in Sons of the Forest is in a river, lake or creek; press M to bring up your map and find the nearest one. They usually aren’t far from the sea itself, with plenty of rivers running through a lot of the island itself.

Sons of the Forest Water
Sons of the Forest Water | Check the bodies of water to the north of my location on the map above as an example.

Click the middle mouse button to zoom in on the map and find a good watering spot. Basically anywhere seems to work just fine, you don’t need to boil the water to get rid of bacteria or anything like that.

Sons Of The Forest water
Sons Of The Forest water | Don’t forget to crouch if needs be

Once you get to a suitable spot, you need to make sure you are fairly submerged in the water, then press E to start drinking. You should notice that your hydration moodle is now greener, meaning that you are less thirsty, meaning that you can also keep your energy level up high. It’s highly recommended that you build shelter close to an easy water location so you don’t have to keep running around.

This, of course, isn’t the only way of getting water in Sons of the Forest, as you can also get Flasks and fill them at these bodies of water to drink them, but you will need to find a 3D Printer. You can also find Energy Drinks dotted around the island, usually at abandoned camps.

Keeping your hydration levels topped up in Sons of the Forest is vital, as it can also cap off your vitality, meaning that you can never restore health without finding some Meds.

Sons of the Forest is available on PC.

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