Sons of the Forest: How To Craft Arrows

Sons of the Forest Arrows
Sons of the Forest Arrows

Your bow in Sons of the Forest isn’t much good without the arrows to use with them. You can stand there menacingly all you want and pull the string back and forth, but it’s not going to stop the cannibals. Luckily for you, it’s pretty easy to craft some arrows.

To craft Stone Arrows in Sons of the Forest, you will need the follow resources:

– x4 Small Rocks
– x2 Feathers
– x2 Sticks

All of these items are fairly common. Small rocks are pretty much everywhere but most easily located at the beach, while sticks are also strewn everywhere and can be cut off of smaller trees. Feathers, meanwhile,

With those in your inventory, press I to go into your inventory and right click on all of them to put them on the crafting area, then click the gear icon to combine them all. You will now have arrows to use in Sons of the Forest.

Players can also craft arrows by going to the 3D Printer and spending 50ml of Printer Resin to craft 3D Printed Arrows. Check out the 3D Printer location below.

As for how to fire your arrows, simply press the left mouse button to pull your arrow back in its string, then release to fire. You can pick up any arrows that you’ve fired from the floor or even from the bodies of your enemies, even while you’re still fighting them.

Sons of the Forest is available on PC.

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