Sons of the Forest: Where To Find the 3D Printer

Sons Of The Forest 3D Printer
Sons Of The Forest 3D Printer

The 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest is a vital tool to help you build exclusive items that you can’t find anywhere. It can be a little hard to find it, though, especially with a somewhat unruly GPS map to follow that doesn’t let you get the full picture of the map. Luckily, we’ve tracked down the 3D Printer location for you so you don’t have to go scrambling around.

The 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest can be found in the south of the island inside a cave that’s not too far for the helicopter crash site. It’s even highlighted on your map as one of the pulsating green circles.

Here’s its location on the map, don’t forget to zoom in and out to get a better picture of the map and surrounding area.

Sons of the Forest 3D Printer
Sons of the Forest 3D Printer

If you need some more directions, there’s a golf cart to the south of it and a running river not far to the west either. Here’s a video of the 3D Printer location too.

Simply go through the slit in the cave and make your way down the corridor until you arrive at a room featuring the 3D Printer. Approach the 3D Printer and press to browse through the available items to print, then press E to confirm and use some Printer Resin.

There is actually a second 3D Printer that can be found at Maintenance A underground, but you will need the Shovel to get there.

Maintenance A Sons of the Forest
Maintenance A Sons of the Forest

Beware that there are some creepy baby mutants inside. The 3D Printer in here works the exact same and has the same items to print.


What To Make With The 3D Printer

Here’s everything that can be made with the 3D Printer as long as you have the Printer Resin, which can be found in this room and also at abandoned golf carts and camps.

– Arrows (50 resin)
– Flask (100 resin)
– Grappling Hooks (100 resin)
– Mask (150 resin)
– Sled (1000 resin)
– Tech Mesh (250 resin)

A few of these items are absolutely vital to help you get by on the island, but the most useful is probably the Flask which allows you to carry water with you. Typically, you can only find water in creeks and rivers and drink it there, but this printed item lets you fill it up and take it with you.

If you’re after a bit more help in Sons of the Forest, take your eyes over to our guide on how you can grow your own plants.

Sons of the Forest is available on PC.

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