Sons of the Forest: How To Restore Energy

Sons Of The Forest
Sons Of The Forest

There’s nothing worse than being too tired in Sons of the Forest. Not only does it limit the amount of stamina you can build up, but it also caps off your vitality. If you’re finding that your character is constantly too tired while exploring the island, you might need to look into restoring energy and finding out why you keep losing it so fast.

First off, it’s important to know which moodle in the bottom right is the relevant one. It’s the one with the moon.

Sons of the Forest energy
Sons of the Forest energy

If this is blinking red, it means you’re in trouble. Your overall stamina (the turquoise bar beneath) will be depleted, meaning that you will be able to sprint and attack a lot less than normal.

By far the easiest way of restoring energy in Sons of the Forest is to sleep. You can sleep in any basic shelter, but the comfier your character is with a proper bed and the fuller their hunger and thirst moodles are, the better replenished their energy will be.

Sons Of The Forest
Sons Of The Forest bed

If you’re unable to sleep because there are nearby cannibals, you can also build a chair and sit in it to slowly replenish your energy, but you aren’t able to skip forward in time this way. The most basic of chairs only requires a dozen or so sticks to build and is quite worthwhile.

Sons Of The Forest
Sons Of The Forest chairs

There are a couple of other ways of replenishing energy in Sons of the Forest, the most obvious being drinking energy drinks and eating energy bars and Energy Mix. The first two items can be found in abandoned camps and crash sites, while the Energy Mix is crafted by combining 1x Chicory and 1x Arrowleaf.

Bear in mind, though, that these only provide temporary buffs to your energy levels; you can tell by the purple slivers on the energy bar. These buffs will gradually disappear, and the only thing to really truly help you restore energy in the long term is to sleep, especially if you’re doing a lot of physical activity in the day.

Sons of the Forest is available on PC.

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