Sci-Fi Horror Game Haunted Space Coming To PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X | S

In space, no one can hear you scream.

Haunted Space

During tonight’s Future Games Showcase, Merge Games and Italian Games Factory announced their collaboration on the upcoming space adventure/horror game, Haunted Space. It’s coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, and you check out the debut trailer at the top of the page.


A Horror Space Shooter?

Aye, Haunted Space looks to be an ambitious, next-gen genre blend. Haunted Space contains all the usual trappings of a space flight game, including “exploration, fast-paced dogfighting, trading, and ship crafting”, with customisable flight simulation to boot. It just so happens that there’s horror elements too.

The story for the game sees humanity reaching the far-off Neterun galaxy, which contains a powerful energy source referred to as Sonic Matter. This source led to millions flocking to the galaxy and building a huge factory called the Metal Mother Facility to harvest the stuff, but humans aren’t the only things calling the Neterun galaxy home.

Luke Keighran, Managing Director at Merge Games, said the following in a press release: “Using the power of Unreal Engine, the talented team at Italian Games Factory have created something truly stunning which we think sci-fi and space sim fans everywhere will enjoy. They have created a galaxy steeped in mystery and danger that we believe will deliver a unique and exciting experience for gamers.”

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