Rainbow Six Siege: 16 Tips For Beginners

Rainbow Six Siege screens

Let’s make something obvious straight away: I am not an elite Rainbow Six Siege player. In fact, I am barely average. I make more mistakes than I should after dozens and dozens of hours of game time as it’s really one of those games that takes a lot of practice to become even just okay at.

During every crack cocaine binge session that I like to call a match of Rainbow Six Siege, I usually try to abide by some basic rules for myself on what to do and what not to do. My K/D and Ranked wins are certainly nothing to make a shrine out of, but ever since I started playing it properly, I have been getting better.

If you’re struggling to breach windows effectively or to just not having bullets in your head at every turn, here are my sixteen tips for Rainbow Six Siege that should put you on the right track.

1. Stop running everywhere.
Sound is a huge part of Siege, so the last thing you want to do is go tearing around buildings where you know enemies are never far away. You might have to put your impatience aside and crouch your way around; it makes you harder to spot and makes your footsteps almost silent.

2. Use your headset.
Again, sound is a key part of the game, meaning that neglecting it or embracing it can tip the balance your way or against you. For the full Siege experience, use a headset to immerse yourself and to hear any pesky enemies creeping their way through buildings.

3. Practice keeping your crosshairs at the level an enemy’s head would be when crouching.
It might not seem like it at first glance, but Siege is a game all about stealth. Go in loud and proud and you might be caught out. Most players will crouch their way around maps, so practice levelling your crosshairs at where their head would be when crouching. Headshots are one hit and you’re done.

4. Proactive shooting.
Know there’s an enemy lurking around the corner? Start shooting before you turn it to get shots off before them. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the FPS and in a game of such tight margins, it can be a clincher to make the first move.

5. Let the attackers come to you in a tight match.
Too many times have I witnessed my teammates pissing off away from the objective when we’re defending at a critical moment to rack up some glory kills. This is especially annoying when the opposing team is down to one or two operators as it’s easier for them to pick you off. Don’t go chasing the glory, play it safe.

RS6 Shield
Source: Ubisoft

6. Someone on your team NEEDS to be Thermite/Thatcher when attacking.
Some operators are more essential than others and others have useless gadgets, OP weaponry, and charming French accents. If you’re attacking, you definitely need a combination of Thermite and Thatcher. Thermite’s exothermic charges can breach reinforced walls and Thatcher’s EMP grenades can disable any electronics. You’re at a mighty disadvantage if you don’t have these operators on your team.

7. Someone on your team NEEDS to be a Rook when defending.
I used to think that Mute and Castle were the only essential members for any defending team, but there are so many ways to counteract them. Then, after it being pointed out by the lovely chaps in the Siege subreddit, Rook is someone that I have been underestimating. His gadget can add precious extra damage resistance to you and your teammates, which could be the difference maker in a 1V1. Plus, his guns aren’t to be taken lightly either.

8. Learn your maps.
This is probably the most important tip on this list. Trust me when I say that after I learned where to be and when on Siege’s maps, my stats significantly improved. If you’re still unfamiliar with Siege’s broadly different maps, you can actually set up a custom game with just yourself included to explore all nooks and crannies at your leisure.

9. Use distractions.
Probably the most satisfying win in Siege is pulling off an audio distraction, whereby you confuse your opponents by setting off a breaching charge at one point before actually entering the room at another. This leaves them incredibly exposed and vulnerable if they all have their crosshairs pointed on one location and can be especially handy during a nail biting 1V1.

10. Until you know the maps, don’t risk Fuze on hostage.
If I’m attacking on Hostage, my buttcheeks always clench when I hear the familiar sound of Fuze planting his gadget. More often than not, the hostage ends up being killed, especially irritating in ranked when the score is close. Until you know the maps inside and out, it’s not worth the risk of using Fuze, and if you spot any newbies trying it, give them a slap from me.

R6S Fuze
Source: www.shacknews.com

11. Use grenades carefully.
Just like Fuze’s gadget, haphazardly lobbing grenades into a room is a pretty effective method if you want to lose. It isn’t even just on Hostage; fail to properly gauge your teammates’ whereabouts and you could have a couple of juicy team kills to add to your CV.

12. Cook your grenades.
No, I don’t mean serve your death-in-a-ball with some garlic bread and soup. Holding down the button for grenades allows you to “cook” it, meaning that opponents will have a hard time trying to avoid it. Be warned, dilly dally with it for too long and you could be left feeling a little embarrassed when you end up exploding. I learned that lesson when I was playing with some elite Russian players, became confused with what they were saying and ended up letting my grenade explode in my hand.

13. Learn how to deal with shielded opponents.
It’s always a bit dread-inducing to hear the clunks and clanks of a shielded enemy traipsing around the building, unless you know how to deal with them. They can be taking down pretty easily with a nitro cell, but that’s not the only way to surmount their ridiculous health and protection. You can flank them and take them out from the side, or, quite audaciously, melee them to leave them vulnerable and then pick them apart.

14. Don’t all bed down in one room when defending.
Unless you’re on Hostage, you shouldn’t all be sat in the same room. One well placed onslaught from Fuze and most, if not all, of you can be taken out. Even if you have a Jaeger on your team, it can still be a bit risky. I would always recommend one member of your team being a roamer: a player who roams away from the objective trying to take attackers off-guard. You can rack up serious kills if you find a vantage point near where you know attackers are likely to try to breach – the Club House and Oregon maps are roamers’ dreams.

Rainbow Six Siege

15. Reinforce your breach points.
It’s pretty obvious that you should reinforce walls when defending, but there spots that can be even more treacherous to your team when not guarded properly. If you know attackers can breach through the ceiling, prioritise that over walls as it could mean on breach points one too many, leaving your team overwhelmed and exposed.

16. Exploit all breach points.
On the other side of the coin, you should always use as many breach points when attacking as you can. Thermite is perfect at opening up paths and can cause serious destruction and distractions. Instead of breaching through one wall and having the team pour in through it, open up many, making the defending team panic as they don’t really know where you’re coming from. Placing Thermite’s special charge on one point and then using a standard breaching charge at another before simultaneously activating them is the perfect way to get the enemy flustered. Better yet, work with a Sledge to open up a few more holes.

There you have it, sixteen tips for Rainbow Six Siege that should be able to help you out. I also reached out to the guys at the Siege subreddit to see if they had any tips and they happily obliged:


Learn where enemies like to hide, especially rovers.
Don’t rush while clearing, especially on rooms you don’t think the enemy will be in. easy way to die.
this isn’t COD. don’t gun and run
think of the OBJECTIVE not just the kill count.


11 use DRONES!
too many people don’t know how to use castle. and how he can be super effective.


Thatcher is an essential team up for Thermite, because Thermite can’t do jack shit if every wall is jammed or electrocuted. Basically if you play as Thatcher, you should be following Thermite around like he is your god.

After some top tips from actually decent players and not just a scrublord like me? Check out Matimi0 on YouTube, the guy is disgustingly decent at Siege and always has helpful videos on how to get ahead.

Rainbow Six Siege is out now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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