15 Best Cheap Gaming Headsets To Treat Your Ears With

Treat your ears and yourself without breaking the bank.

Cheap Gaming Headsets

Machine gun fire repeating in the distance. The groans of an undead fiend waiting around the corner ahead. Your teammate screaming at your lack of kills. Sound is such an important piece of the video game experience, often being what immerses us most into a game.

Whether it’s the expert sound design of a survival horror title or the chatter of an online match, you want to hear everything coming out of your speakers clearly and be able to communicate when needed. Right off the top of your head, you think the best option is to drop $100 on a high-end headset, but we say save your money and go for one of these best cheap gaming headsets.

They may not have the price tag of other options known for their quality, but these inexpensive headsets won’t let you down. Even at their modest cost, these cheap gaming headsets are your ticket to a more immersive experience, whether you’re playing alone or in the vastness of online multiplayer.

The Best Cheap Gaming Headsets

15. Kotion Each G900

Kotion Each G900

– Very low price tag
– Included mic splitter
– On-wire audio controls

– Small ear padding
– Mic could be clearer

Despite the slightly uncomfortable build and diminished clarity of the mic, the Kotion Each G900 is still among the best cheap gaming headsets. Kotion Each complicated the headset a bit with a USB plug that powers external lighting and a 3.5mm jack for the audio.

For the very low price, sound quality is acceptable. You won’t hear every nuance, but your wallet will be heavier, and you’ll get to enjoy a basic audio experience. As a bonus, the G9000 comes with a detachable mic splitter for enhanced usability that lets you bypass the lower quality microphone. The G9000 is as basic as cheap gaming headsets get, but it’s a serviceable model that gets the job done.

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14. Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset

Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset

On-ear volume controls
Inexpensive without sacrificing value
Comfortable padded headband

Removable mic can be lost
Simplistic design
Stereo audio only

A trusted name in electronics, Corsair may not be synonymous with PC games, but the HS50 is everything you need from an inexpensive gaming headset. The HS50 presents only stereo audio, but you won’t be missing out on any of the finer details of your favorite game’s ambient soundtrack. Cushioned earpads provide ample comfort for lengthy periods of play, and the padded headband prevents discomfort around your scalp.

This wired headset comes with on-ear volume and mute controls, so you’re not fumbling with the keys on your keyboard. When it comes to value, the HS50 is going to give you everything you need for a reasonable price.

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13. AmazonBasics Gaming Headset

AmazonBasics Gaming Headset

Easy to use, plug-and-play design
Universal compatibility
Durable build

Design can be too basic
Short cord
Microphone picks up ambient noises

The name says it all. This headset isn’t going to give you a ton of exciting features, but it’s a functional accessory that will do what you need it to. The simplistic design is comfortable thanks to large earpads, and a variety of connection methods means you’ll have no problem hooking up to consoles and gaming PCs.

Designed for flexibility and durability, the headband bends and twists and provides a comfortable, adjustable wear for most head sizes. Though it only has stereo sound, AmazonBasics Gaming Headset delivers crystal clear audio.

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12. Astro A10

Astro A10

Very inexpensive
Flip-to-mute microphone

Stereo only
Lower-quality build when compared to similar models

You’re not going to find many headsets cheaper than the Astro A10. Available in an assortment of colors, the Astro A10 is a baseline headset, providing comfort and reliability without overdoing it with features. Features, by the way, that would drive the price up quite a bit. For the basics, the A10 is ideal, especially with its flip-to-mute mic and thick padded earpads.

Great for entry-level players or pros that aren’t ready to shell out the expected hundred on a high-end headset, the A10 is a practical option sure to save you money without sacrificing your ability to hear.

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11. Logitech G430

logitech g430 gaming headset

7.1 surround sound
Included mic split
Rich sound

Stiff padding and uncomfortable build
Unattractive design
Long cord

It’s not the most attractive headset, so it’s good you won’t have to look at this cheap gaming headset too often. Otherwise, the G430 is an exceptional option when you’re looking to spend less but not sacrifice quality. Logitech continues to deliver a high-end experience with the option for 7.1 surround sound, an attached 3.5mm mic split, and a fully rich sound experience that will ensure you hear everything.

A slightly longer wire can get tangled, especially when plugged into a controller, but the G430 is a relatively convenient headset with features you’d expect from a high-end model. Each earpiece is topped by a blue, stiff pad, which can become uncomfortable over long periods of play.

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10. Roccat Renga Boost

Roccat Renga Boost

Cushioned, foam earcups
Boost feature increases audio clarity
Self-adjusting headband

Microphone size is awkward
No extra padding on headband

One look at the Roccat Renga Boost can be intimidating. There appears to be a lot of moving parts, and the microphone is larger than it needs to be, but the quality of this headset makes up for its visual shortcomings. The design is very modern and, thankfully, doesn’t take away from the listening experience.

The Roccat Renga features a boost option for an increase in audio clarity, though the bass is nearly overlooked. Enjoy clear audio and cushions around the ears as you get sucked into the latest AAA titles that thrive on booming audio.

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9. Astro A20

Astro A20

Comfortable earpads
Flip-to-mute microphone
15-hour battery life

No surround sound
Flimsy build

If you’re tired of wires getting in the way, the Astro A20 may be your answer. Being a wireless gaming headset, the price is a little higher than the most affordable options, but it’s also cheaper than many wireless headsets. Fifteen-hour battery life gives you plenty of playtime between charges and powers the 40mm drivers for a crystal clear gaming experience.

For a lower price, you’ll have to sacrifice surround sound, but you do get a durable build that’s attractive to look at. Available in multiple colors, the A20 is a suitable alternative to other wireless headsets.

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8. Razer Kraken X

Razer Kraken X

Slim and sleek design
Cushioned ear cups
Crystal clear audio

Attached microphone makes transporting more difficult
Slightly more expensive than similar models.

Enjoy the perks of Razer quality without dropping more than $100 on this black headset. It’s a simple design but has an elegance that gives it a high-end appearance.

Sleek and lightweight, the Kraken X is comfortable to wear over long periods of time, especially thanks to the leatherette ear cups. Sound is directed into you rears, ensuring you get the optimum audio experience expected from your PC gaming library.

Connected via a 3.5mm cable, the Kraken X is compatible across PC and consoles. The mic is permanently attached, so transporting or using solely for music is not optimal.

7. Razer ManO’War

7.1-channel surround sound
14-hour battery life
On-ear controls

Bulky design can be uncomfortable
Oversized earpads

One look at the ManO’War, and it’s pretty clear what this headsets biggest drawback is going to be. The size of the earpads is a bit overkill, but thankfully, it doesn’t take away from the high-end sound quality. The ManO’War delivers 7.1-channel surround sound through 50mm drivers, which will bring your favorite games to life.

If you can overlook the build, you’ll enjoy everything this wireless headset has to offer. Being wireless, the controls are conveniently placed on an earpiece, which makes accessing necessary inputs convenient. Plug-and-play functionality means you won’t have to wrestle with unintuitive software to benefit from Razer’s high-quality headset.

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6. Logitech Prodigy G231

Logitech G231

Cushioned padding
Flip-up microphone
40mm drivers

Long cord can get tangled
Design is bulky
Bass takes a hit and isn’t as booming

Slightly more attractive than the G430 model, the G231 is also a bit of a better option with features and comfort that’s missing from Logitech’s other model. Considered an “entry-level” headset, the G231 doesn’t offer a ton of features, but it doesn’t have to. Newcomers to PC gaming will love the comfortable earpads and headband while enjoying a clear audio experience.

The microphone can’t be detached, but it can flip up to stay out of the way, especially when you’re just listening to music. G231 does suffer from a longer cable, but it’s a shortcoming that’s easy to overlook considering the 40mm drivers that help enhance the audio of your favorite games. Depending on your preferences, the G231’s high volume could either be a pro or a con, though the higher level, adjustable via an inline control, can diminish sound quality.

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5. Creative Sound Blaster Blaze

Creative Sound Blaster Blaze

Crystal-clear audio
High-end microphone
Comfortable and lightweight

Awkward in-line control
Build feels a little flimsy

Creative Sound Blaster has been synonymous with PC audio for decades, delivering a high-quality experience since the earlier days of PC gaming. The Blaze continues that trend with a design that’s both simple but effective. Though it can feel a little flimsy, the padded headband and velvet ear cups offer ample comfort.

A removable microphone and noise-canceling functionality make this a versatile option that’s good for gaming and music. The Creative Sound Blaster Blaze comes with 40mm full-spectrum drivers, which deliver high-end audio to enhance whatever you’re playing.

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4. Logitech G Pro

Logitech G Pro

Comfortable design
Punch Bass for booming sound
Built for professional players

Poorly designed inline controls

Whether you’re getting in deep with the latest AAA game or want to listen to some music, the G Pro is a suitable option that won’t break the bank. The removable mic is convenient for several applications, but the real show-stealer is the solid build that trades in a flashy design for practicality. Though the inline controls may be awkward, they don’t do much to take away from the experience.

Punch Bass gives your music the boost it needs to bring the game to life. Expect to be playing comfortably for hours on end with the cushioned design of the G Pro. Logitech went for simplicity with the G Pro, opting to keep the features light and focus on clear sound that would be suitable for even a professional player.

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3. Sades SA-902

Sades SA-902

7.1 surround sound
Budget price with high-end features
LED lighting enhances the basic design
Comfortable design with ample padding

Music capabilities are limited
Cord can be too long
Software has a learning curve

If you’re looking for the best cheap gaming headsets, you sometimes have to look at those that aren’t too feature-rich. As the SA-902 proves, even with a lower price tag, you can get plenty. Though it sports a basic design accented by LED lighting, the SA-902 has a trick up its sleeve – included software that lets you customize your listening experience.

Rather than deal with the presets set by Sades, you’ll have complete control over how your headset outputs audio. Tinker with a host of different settings to find the combination that best suits you to get the most out of the SA-902. Included 7.1 surround sound capabilities bring games to life with a clarity you wouldn’t expect from a headset of at this price. Where the SA-902 falters is with its mic, which is too sensitive and can make you the annoying guy booming through the screen.

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2. SteelSeries Arctis 5

SteelSeries Arctis 5

Comfortable and highly customizable
Game and chat control
Bidirectional microphone
LED earcups

Long cable

Connect to your PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch with this 3.5mm surround sound wired headset from SteelSeries, and you’ll be enjoying having a flood of clear audio hitting your ears. Your favorite games will sound as clear as ever through comfortable, cushioned earpads. As an added touch, the earcups light up in a soft LED glow.

When you need to speak to your teammates, you’ll use the Clearcast bidirectional microphone, which works with the game and chat control for optimal multiplayer gaming. There is no concern for comfort with the Arctis 5 as its highly customizable to fit most head sizes. The Arctis 5’s biggest drawback is the unnecessarily long cable, which is sure to get tangled.

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1. Sades A60/OMG

sades a60 omg

Solid and durable build
Attractive, angled design
Crystal clear audio
Memory foam earpads

Heavy build can get uncomfortable
Always-on LED

A sleek black and white design gives this affordable gaming headset a high-end look. The features built into it further give the Sades A60 the allure of a costly accessory. If you want to make your friends think you’re dropping over $100 on a headset, this is the one to go with. LED lighting, angular design, and a high audio quality experience make the Sades A60 one of the best budget gaming headsets on the market.

Memory foam earpads ensure a comfortable fit for most head sizes and help cut down on background noise. An attached, retractable omnidirectional mic may not be the most convenient feature, but it’s more than functional enough to get you into the game, barking orders like the team leader you’re destined to be. The heavy build makes it durable, but sacrifices comfort over long periods of play.

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