Pokemon Go Isn’t Dead, Cruises Past 650 Million Downloads

Pokemon Go battles
Source: Polygon

It’s easy to say that Pokemon Go is a dead app. You rarely see huddles of people stood on street corners, yelping with glee when they come across a Pokemon they’ve been searching for anymore. Compared to the summer of 2016, Pokemon Go isn’t quite at the same place.

But that doesn’t mean it’s dead, far from it. It recently pushed past the 650 million download mark, which is 150 million more than in September. That’s roughly six months of people downloading the game 25 million times a month, 800,000 times a day.

Announced by Niantic at the Game Developers Conference, the free-to-play title has slowed down, but it’s not come to a halt. It was the most popular of 2016, despite only launching over halfway through the year. In addition, it’s helped players to stay active – 5.4 billion miles have been walked thanks to the app.

While Pokemon Go has its faults, it’s certainly here to stay. It recently added eighty new Pokemon and regularly has some kind of special event going on. I’m not going to lapse back into searching for Metapods in wooded areas, but kudos to anyone who still gets something from the app.

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