New Capcom Survey Asking Fans About Another Resident Evil Remake

But which could it be?

Resident Evil 3 review

The remake Resident Evil 3 launched on last Friday, hot on the heels of the incredible success of RE2’s remake last year, and it would appear that Capcom aren’t finished yet. Aside from the reports of a new mainline game launching next year, there may be another remake in the works.

ResetEra user Jawmuncher has spotted a survey that’s been issued to Asian players that’s gauging interest in a potential new remake in the Resident Evil series. The survey doesn’t specify what game would specifically be remade, though Jawmucher speculates that the remake could be Code Veronica, or the most sacred of games: RE4.

While this remake could be of anything, the fact remains that Capcom are heavily investing in remakes going forward. It just remains to be seen what game will be remade. I’ve joked in the past about the idea of Capcom remaking Operation Raccoon City, but hell, that might actually become a reality.

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