Would MJF Be More Successful In WWE Than AEW?

The rumours may be true!

Rumours have started to surface regarding MJF’s contract status with All Elite Wrestling, and whether or not he’ll be re-signing with the promotion following its expiry. It seems that WWE have also caught wind of this and have entered negotiations with the young up-and-comer who’s currently riding a huge wave of momentum following his victory over Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle at Blood and Guts.

MJF himself has come forward to address these rumours and has put it out there that he, as well as the rest of his stable, are all business-driven people, and should the offer be just right, then there’d be nothing holding him back from jumping ship to the competition. Despite giving props to AEW, and the appreciation he has for the brand for putting him on the mainstream map, he’s more than willing to be the first AEW headliner to crossover to WWE.

With this begs the question of whether MJF would be more successful in the ‘big leagues’ than he would in AEW as it continues to grow as a solid alternative to Vince’s empire. MJF has become a solid main-event level talent in All Elite Wrestling, putting together pay-per-view feuds with the likes of Cody Rhodes, Jungle Boy and the aforementioned Chris Jericho. He’s even reached the top of the singles rankings to compete against then-AEW Champion, Jon Moxley, in just under two years since his AEW debut.

There’s no denying that AEW have made a success story out of Maxwell Jacob Friedman, a diamond in the rough that’s now a certified top-tier star in the wrestling world. It’d be downright stupid for WWE to not go to the ends of the Earth to secure him after his contract expires; not only would it be a cinch in AEW’s progress, but it could also provide WWE with a hot product to help freshen up the main roster’s singles division.

MJF would undoubtedly bring with him a lot of attention, perhaps even enough to swing things back in favour of WWE, hence the need to have him appear for either RAW or SmackDown immediately upon arrival, rather than having him go through the NXT route. Of course this all depends on WWE utilising him to the best of his abilities, by letting him loose on the mic and allow him to channel the ‘Salt of the Earth’ persona that we’ve all come to love, even when he’s calling us out.

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Immediately featuring MJF in top main-roster feuds would go a long way in ensuring his ascension to the top of the roster, though knowing WWE’s track record of how they’ve treated former stars of the opposition, this could be a bit of a long shot. Regardless, even if MJF is forced to work with the bottom feeders of the undercard, so long as he’s able to talk, he’ll get himself over in no time.

But even if MJF was to find himself feuding with the upper echelon of WWE’s locker room, would that necessarily be a better fate than if he stuck around in AEW? Now that he’s the de facto leader of The Pinnacle and having led them to victory in AEW’s version of WarGames, he’s primed for another shot at the AEW Championship. If the faction were to continue dominating the various divisions of AEW, maybe scoring a Tag title shot against The Young Bucks or a challenge to Darby Allin’s TNT Championship, it could start a new era of domination akin to Evolution in 2003.

Even though MJF has been on the receiving end of a few major losses, such as the ones to Cody and Moxley, nobody can say his stock has been damaged in the process. He’s remained one of the most talked about wrestlers on the roster and has consistently been involved in big programmes. In fact, one could argue that his work since losing his AEW title shot at All Out has been far superior to everything prior, the Dinner Debonaire for example.

MJF can continue to soar as a modern superstar in All Elite Wrestling, and probably should if he knows what’s best for him. AEW have had a keen eye for talent  and refuse to let them fall at the wayside. I’m sure that if he did choose to re-sign with AEW, then it would be one of the smarter decisions he’s made so far in his career, and could open up even more avenues for him to explore at such an early stage of his wrestling career.

For WWE to be so interested already is nothing short of a massive credit to his namesake, after only two years of being featured on mainstream television, he has become one of the most sought after acquisitions. But as the old adage goes, money talks, so who knows where MJF will end up by the end of 2021.

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