10 Meet Your Maker Building Tips To Become The Best Builder

If you build it, they will die numerous times trying to raid it.

Meet Your Maker
Meet Your Maker

Behaviour Interactive have become synonymous with atypical multiplayer games, with Dead By Daylight being the most notable example. Their latest game, Meet Your Maker, is a complete departure though, tasking players to raid each other’s outposts and steal their materials for themselves. In order to be raided though, you need to actually build an outpost, which is a whole process in itself. Once you’ve accomplished that though, here’s some beginner’s tips you might need to create the best outposts in Meet Your Maker.


1. Forge A Clear Path

The most basic rule for the creation of any outpost in Meet Your Maker is that you need to keep a clear path to the GenMat tile at all times, as that’s the path the Harvester will take when delivering your material back to your Sanctuary. Basically, that’s the lore excuse for ensuring that every level is actually possible, and no one makes an outpost where the GenMat is actually inaccessible. With that in mind, make sure you build an outpost that has a clear route from A to B. Make that route as complicated as possible if you like, but that Harvester needs to go unobstructed, otherwise your level can’t be published and you won’t be able to reap the rewards.


2. Use The Natural Environment Where Possible

Instead of being given a piece of flatland with which to sandbox your own creation into life, you’re instead given a huge hole in the ground with its own bedrock formations, walls and potential avenues for your devious outpost. To prevent players from creating overly elaborate monstrosities, there’s a build limit in place, but you can use that to your advantage too. By incorporating the natural bedrock into your outpost, you can save some space on your build limit for actual traps, guards and other, more spicy additions.


3. Exploit Blind Spots

Your Meet Your Maker outpost isn’t going to be killing much if you just have all the traps and guards out in the open, easy for the Raider to destroy. Instead, you need to take advantage of a raider’s blind spots in order to truly get the drop on them. Use your environment to try and obscure the player’s view of a trap when making turns or entering new rooms, in order to try and catch them in your trap. The jagged nature of bedrock is great for this, as you can easily construct some complex rooms to navigate with plenty of traps lying in wait.


4. Use Mods To Your Advantage

One way to gain the advantage over the raider is by using mods on your traps and guards. Mods can alter the behaviour of your defences in a lot of key ways, making guards faster to respond to gunfights, improving their fire rate or giving them armour, while traps can be changed to only activate once the raider has stolen the genetic material, along with other dastardly mods. While unlocking mods can be somewhat expensive, you’ll gain plenty of parts, cells and Synthite from raiding the outposts of others, so put yourself out there if you want to improve your own outpost. If nothing else, it could give you some ideas.


5. Space Out Your Guards

Much like how you want your traps and guard placement to take advantage of blind spots, you should make sure to place your guards across any open rooms you might have, instead of sticking them at one end of a room and letting the raider figure it out. By spacing out your guards, you’re creating more angles of attack that the raider can be killed from, essentially turning any room into an effective killbox that raiders will need all their skill to navigate. Besides that, guards can be a bit dumb, and if placed in a line behind each other, they will commit friendly fire at an alarming rate.


6. Use Guard Patrols To Keep Raiders Guessing

One way you can add another dimension to your defences is by implementing guard patrols. After placing a guard in the build mode, you can then take control of the guard and have them walk a set path. The guard will then patrol that area until they discover a raider. Depending on the layout of your outpost, employing this could add another layer to the puzzle that the raider has to figure out. Having a static guard is easier for the raider to learn and play around than a patrolling guard who could potentially catch the raider unaware, even after several attempts.


7. Incorporate Forsaken Tombs

Outposts will have set bedrock formations, and somewhere within those formations can also be Forsaken Tombs, which are blocks that the raider can destroy for a large amount of rewards. They’re entirely optional, so if you don’t want to incorporate them into your design, that’s completely fine, but do you really want some raider making off with all the possible loot without them putting some effort in? Finding ways to incorporate Forsaken Tombs as optional, more difficult paths will help make your outpost stand out more from other players.


8. Don’t Rely On One Trick

This tip speaks for itself really. If you devote the entire outpost to just one trap or guard type, the raider is going to be able to figure out how to proceed much faster than if they’ve got a wide variety of threats to contend with. There are some build limits when it comes to how many different types of traps and defences you can place to take out raiders, but it’s always better to keep your opponent guessing than it is to have them figure out what your outpost has to offer from just the first room.


9. Collect Your Rewards

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of Meet Your Maker is that instead of just uploading a level and forgetting all about it, you’re given mission reports about how other raiders have fared against your outpost. Crucially, you can even view replays of other players attempting your outpost, and can even revisit the outpost yourself in build mode to collect some material from fallen raiders. If you’ve uploaded an outpost and logged off for the night, make sure to collect your spoils from the outpost the next time you log on. You may even get some ideas about how to make the outpost more deadly.


10. Sometimes, Give The Enemy A Chance

The goal for building outposts is that you earn enough prestige to “level up” the outpost before it’s drained of GenMat, which can take up to a day in real time. You earn prestige in two ways: kills and accolades. Accolades are rewards given by raiders for when an outpost leaves an impression, with four rewards to give: fun, brutal, ingenious and artistic. While earning kills is a solid method of earning prestige points, accolades are just as important, but player’s like won’t want to give you any if you’ve tilted them by creating an almost impossible outpost.

The goal of building in Meet Your Maker is to create hard-to-beat outposts, but those which give players a chance to experiment and create their own strategies are likely going to be the ones that are best remembered by the community, and crucially, will earn more accolades. Whether it’s finding ways to include shortcuts that bypass traps, or using decals to indicate the correct path, guide players to Forsaken Tombs and even designate safe zone (as traps cannot be built on blocks with decals on), there’s a few ways you can keep your outpost deadly while still being encouraging to the raiders.

Meet Your Maker is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X & S.

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