This The Last Jedi IMAX Poster Brings The Red

The Last jedi

With barely any time left to wait for The Last Jedi, the marketing campaign is in full swing – we’re all bound to see a few new dip to black snippets from the movie before it lands in December.

As well having a pretty bloody lovely main poster, IMAX screenings of The Last Jedi will feature the below poster, which is strikingly red and puts Rey front and center.

The Last Jedi IMAX poster

That’s a whole lot of red for a hero. There have been plenty of theories to suggest that Rey might become a bit of a bad egg in The Last Jedi with Kylo Ren going the other way. If it wants to completely flip the book on its detractors who saw The Force Awakens as a nostalgic repeat, it might be worth them taking big chances like that.

The Last Jedi releases on December 16th. Are you excited to see it? Let us know.

In other Star Wars news, Battlefront 2 has been receiving a mauling from fans with a member of the EA Community Team making a post on Reddit that would go on to become the most downvoted comment in the site’s history. There are other things that have people raising eyebrows, but with the game now out, we’ll have to see if the backlash hampers its longevity.

Oh, and Christmas is coming – buy some Star Wars gifts for your loved ones or feel as unwanted as another Holiday Special.