HBO Release New Game of Thrones Finale Photos

Don't expect much.

game of thrones season 8

Ahead of the Game of Thrones finale this Sunday (May 19th), HBO have released two new photos for the sixth episode of Game of Thrones Season 8. Let me just tell you in advance: there is nothing to gleam from either of these photos.

Presumably by design, HBO have only given us two photos to stop our theories from running away from us, or to stop people from getting themselves too excited, which has been a problem throughout Season 8. What happens when you leave a bunch of fans to stew on speculation for two years and have two writers who seemingly only want to go for the shock factor or the opposite of what’s expected? Game of Thrones Season 8.

Anyway, enough of that: here’s the first photo from the Thrones finale.

Game of Thrones finale

As you might have already seen in the trailer for the finale, Daenerys is on a scorched battlefield overlooking her Unsullied, who seem to have respawned after the Battle of Winterfell, even though it looked like only nine of them survived that fight. She looks prime to address them, or maybe this is just before her coronation.

The next photo focuses on Tyrion, who has gone from being the smartest man in the room to the stupidest man in The Known World over the course of this season.

Game of Thrones finale 1

Tyrion looks a little glum and concerned, and so he probably should. After betraying Varys and refusing to properly acknowledge the warning signs, he should feel as guilty as anyone for what went down in ‘The Bells‘.

Speaking of that episode, which has not gone down well with fans and critics, is there much hope for the finale to fix things? Based on the leaks, no.

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