Fortnite v10.10 Leaked Skins: Freestyle, Red Strike, Oppressor, Shifu & More

Is that Splinter from TMNT?

With Epic deploying the v10.10 patch for Fortnite, which brings Retail Row back (with added zombies), it should come as no surprise at all that leakers have already been hard at work on uncovering all of the new cosmetics coming to the game soon. There are a tonne of leaked skins with v10.10, as you would expect, which includes a fursona, the nineteenth neo “street” girl skin in about a month, and also a human Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

As always, we can never be too sure of when these skins will drop after they have been discovered in the files. It could be today, it could be tomorrow, or it could be never — remember that Gemini bunny skin?

That being said, here’s what KrispyLeaks and Hypex have found in the files so far.

Fortnite v10.10 leaked skins

The below are closer looks at all of the leaked skin from v10.10, courtesy of FireMonkey. We have included rarities, but these are subject to change.



Shifu Fortnite

Description: Master of harmonious victory.
Rarity: Rare



Fortnite Oppressor

Description: Out of time, and out for vengeance.
Rarity: Legendary



Fennix Fortnite

Description: Never outfoxed.
Rarity: Rare


Recon Ranger

Recon Ranger

Description: Expert field intel ranger.
Rarity: Common



Fortnite Freestyle

Description: Follow the beat. Secure the win.
Rarity: Epic


Red Strike (Starter Pack)

Fortnite Red Strike

Description: Often challenged. Never bested.
Rarity: Epic

Which is your favourite out of all these leaked skins?

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