Fortnite Season X Worlds Collide: All Season X Rift Locations & Map

Rifting around town.

Week 3 of Fortnite Season X has arrived and with it comes the ‘Worlds Collide’ mission. This mission focuses heavily on the time-space based shenanigans that have gone on around the map since Season 5. The challenges contained within have a heavy focus on Rift usage, visiting Rift Zones and completing objectives in areas that have been altered by these time-space changes.

This week’s challenges aren’t quite as interesting as the Spray and Pray challenges from the previous week and this extends to the Prestige mission. Prestige objectives this week are almost identical to their normal counterparts. This guide focuses on the ‘Use A Rift’ challenge.

Fairly straightforward, find a Rift and use it to complete the challenge. Below is a map of all the Fortnite Season X Rift locations we could find circled in red.


Fortnite Season X Rift Spawn Map

Fortnite SeasoN X rift spawn map

Rifts will typically spawn in areas where the Fortnite map has been ‘unnaturally’ altered by these time-space changes, particularly smaller, older landmarks. As you can see, the map doesn’t spawn that many Rift locations, but each location can spawn more than one Rift (sometimes three or more). The large Zero Point in Loot Lake also functions as a Rift and counts towards challenge completion.


Disembodied Durrr Burger Head

Fortnite Durrr Burger rift

Directly east of Pleasant Park is a small hill overlooking Loot Lake. At the top of this hill is a metal Durrr Burger mascot head. Rifts will spawn at the top of this hill around the Durrr Burger head. D3 on the main map’s grid.


Loot Lake Zero Point

Fortnite Season X Loot Lake Rift

Directly in the centre of Loot Lake is the Zero Point, which is currently responsible for the rolling changes around the map this season (including the return of Retail Row). Using this counts the same as using a Rift. Accessible at E4 on the main map’s grid.


Paradise Palms

Fortnite Season X Paradise rift

Right next to the northern entrance of Paradise Palms is a ye olde horse drawn carriage. Rifts will spawn around this carriage. You’ll find it on the intersection of I7 and I8 on the main map’s grid.


‘Greasy Grove’

Fortnite SeasoN X Greasy Grove Rit

Greasy Grove does not exist anymore (though it may make a return this season). Instead it has been filled in with a frozen lake (north of Polar Peak). North of this frozen lake is a small stone head statue with a chair atop it. Rifts will spawn around this statue. You can find it at C6 on the main map’s grid.


Prestige Challenge

The prestige challenge is the same as the normal mission with one exception. You need to use four Rifts rather than a single one. This does not have to be in a single match either, just use four Rifts. The easiest way to complete this would be to land at Loot Lake and take that Rift to the one at the Durrr Burger head (or vice versa), leave/finish the match and do it again. If you’re lucky, the Durrr Burger head will have spawned three Rifts and you can knock it out there and then. Because of the way Rifts work, you can use the same one (same spot) more than once to complete the challenge.

That’s all there is to this challenge, normal or prestige. You can check out our guides for Visiting The Cube Memorials and Consuming Foraged Mushrooms, which will help you work towards the Rift Rider Glider and the Snowstorm recolour for the Catalyst skin.

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