Fortnite Season X Worlds Collide: Visit Cube Memorials Locations

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Fortnite CUbe Memorials

Fortnite Season X, Week 3 has dropped, bringing with it the ‘Worlds Collide’ mission. Week 3’s challenges are all about using Rifts, entering Rift Zones and visiting locations unnaturally altered by all the ‘space magic’ that’s been affecting the map from Season 5 (with the introduction of Rifts and desert biome).

Week 3 certainly doesn’t quite pack the same interesting bite Week 2 did. This applies to the prestige challenges as well, being largely uninspired ‘do the same thing again but more’, that we thought Week 2 was moving away from. This article focuses on detailing the locations of the ‘Cube Memorials’.

Below is a map with both memorials locations revealed. The Loot Lake Cube Memorial is circled in red and the desert Cube Memorial is circled in blue. For the normal version of this challenge, you are only required to visit one of these memorials.


Cube Memorial Map

Fortnite Season X Cube Memorial Locations

As you might expect, both cubes are found in their respective locations.


Loot Lake Cube Memorial

Loot Lake Cube Memorial

Loot Lake Cube Memorial 2

Southwest of Loot Lake’s Zero Point is a small island, it is the closest island to the Zero Point and also one of the smallest. On this small island, you will find the Cube Memorial. E4 on the main map’s grid.


Desert Cube Memorial

Cube Memorial desert location

Cube Memorial desert location 1

Directly east of Fatal Fields and southwest of Paradise Palms you will find a smallish hill (not a mesa) just north of the river that snakes through the area. Atop this hill is a Cube Memorial. You’ll find it on the intersection of H8 and H9 on the main map’s grid.


Prestige Challenge

The prestige challenge is rather uninspired. You’re simply required to visit both Cube Memorials. This does not need to be in the same match either, but you will need to revisit the original Cube Memorial from the normal version of the challenge.

Completing these challenges along with the normal mission will reward you with the Rift Rider Glider and the prestige version of the mission will reward you with the Snowstorm recolour for the Catalyst skin. The other two more involved challenges for Worlds Collide are: Consuming Foraged Mushrooms and Use A Rift.

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