Fortnite Season X Junk Storm: Glitched Foraged Items Locations

The one good challenge this week!

Fortnite Junk Storm

While the weekly challenges this time out for Fortnite Season X may be completely underwhelming, at least the daily challenges in the form of Junk Storm are making you work a little, this one asking you to consume 5 glitched foraged items.

Junk Storm is the newest limited-time set of missions added to Fortnite with one being unlockable every day. Completing the whole suite of missions will give you free cosmetics and extra progress on your Battle Pass.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Rift Zones and the overall story, you may know where these consumables are. For the rest of you, read on to discover how to find glitched foraged items in Fortnite Season X.


Glitched Foraged Items Season X

Fortnite Glitched

The glitched foraged items can be found near the now obliterated Soccer Stadium just to the west of Tilted Town. This happened seemingly when a Rift Beacon malfunctioned and destroyed the whole place.


Glitched Foraged Items

Fortnite GLitched Items

There are roughly nine million foraged items scattered all over the crater formerly known as Soccer Stadium.

This is a very straightforward challenge, as all you need to do is consume five of the many you find scattered around. You can just pick them up over and over again, which creates some fun with the peppers – Epic really ought to spread those silly things around the island more.

You will notice how they are glitched right away as they can swap between different consumables every 5-10 seconds or so. If you just want to dust off a challenge, don’t worry about that.


Glitched Foraged Items Video Guide

A terribly boring week for Fortnite Season X challenges, no doubt the least interesting of the lot so far. Missions have been pretty fun up to this point and give players plenty to work towards, yet Smash and Grab is snore-inducing. Let’s hope the rest of the Junk Storm challenges are as engaging as this one.

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