Fortnite Season 9 Challenges: Land A Trick With A Driftboard

Stop drifting along, get this done.

Fortnite Driftboard

Week 3 of Fortnite Season 9 has landed and with it comes a rather interesting multi-stage challenge we don’t see too often. The focus of this challenge is centred on completing objectives with a vehicle or specific vehicle. The first stage asks you to land a ‘trick’ with a Driftboard.

A Driftboard is basically just a hovering wheel-less skateboard (or a hovering snowboard, whichever image suits you best). A ‘trick’ in Fortnite is basically any kind of spin or flip done in midair. All the tricks have special names (G-flip, Orbit, Rodeo, Switchturn, Voyager, Flatliner and so on) that are displayed on the bottom left of your screen along with a point score for completing the trick. You need to land upright to receive credit for the trick, if you don’t stick the landing, it won’t count.

With all that said though, you’ll have to trackdown a place where Driftboards spawn to begin, but luckily, we’ve found the ideal location to complete all three stages of this challenge, Neo Tilted. Below is a screenshot with the three spawn locations in the area circled in red.


Driftboard Spawn Locations

Driftboard spawn locations

As you can see, there are Driftboards that spawn around the western and southern hills of Neo Tilted. If you head up these hills, you’ll find either an RV or station wagon, with Driftboards and Quadcrashers nearby. These aren’t the only spots that spawn Quadcrashers or Driftboards by any means but they are ideal for completing all stages of this challenge quickly.


Driftboards and Quadcrasher

Driftboard spawn locations 1

Completing this stage of the challenge is very easy after that. Grab one of the numerous Driftboards, line yourself up with one of the many drops (courtesy of starting atop a hill), preferably one with a clear landing space, boost off the side and do a spin or half-spin (A/D on the keyboard, left/right on a controller stick) and land.


Performing A Driftboard Trick

Driftboard trick

As long as you stick the landing, a trick name comes up, and you’ll complete the challenge no problem. Finish up the match to lock down your credit, then head back to Neo Tilted for stage 2.

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