Fortnite Season 8: Search For The Paradise Palms Treasure Map & Battle Star Location

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Fortnite Paradise Palms treasure map

The Fortnite Season 8, Week 8 challenges are here and with it comes some interesting rehashes of long thought dead challenge types. This is a rather ‘modern’ twist on the older treasure hunt style challenges that littered the earlier season. Rather than just handing us a map (or telling us to find a map) and find the treasure based off that in a single step, we’re given the same instructions over a multi-stage challenge, bringing it up to current Fortnite’s speed.

The first step of the challenge is to find the treasure map. Once you do, you’ll notice it’s blank. Interacting with the treasure map will fill in its details, telling you where to go. The second stage is simply following the directions on the map like you would’ve in earlier seasons.

Below is a map with the treasure map circled in blue and the treasure location circled in red.


Map And Treasure Locations

Paradise Palms treasure

As you can see, the treasure map and the treasure are in completely different biomes on opposite sides of the map. Luckily, being a multi-stage challenge, uncovering the map, then quitting/finishing the game is the only method for finishing up this challenge anyway. Just make sure you remember the location of the treasure or have access to a screenshot.


Covered Up Paradise Palms Treasure Map

PAradise Treasure Fortnite

This is what the map looks like upon initially seeing it. You’ll find the treasure map near Paradise Palms main hotel. Across the road you’ll find two stores and behind them an alleyway linking them. The treasure map is on the western wall (facing towards the main road) of that alleyway. I8 on the main map’s grid.

Once you find it, you’ll need to then interact with the map for it to reveal the treasure’s location.


Paradise Palms Treasure Map

Fortnite Paradise treasure

Upon uncovering the map, you should be able to quickly spot where you need to go. This is a picture of the Frosty Flights main runway and hangers. None of the details have been altered or obfuscated (which Epic enjoyed doing in earlier seasons), so head on over to the western end of the Frosty Flights runway.


The Treasure

Fortnite Battle Star

As promised, you’ll find the treasure on the western end of the runaway, just before the asphalt starts. It’ll be located at A8 on the main map’s grid. Interact with the treasure and you’re done with this challenge.

All-in-all, it was nice to see the more traditional treasure hunt challenge make its return. Clearly Epic received some flak for overusing this type of challenge in the earlier seasons and consequently, seemed to shy away from the style entirely for the longest while. Hopefully, we will see more of these in the future as they’ve always been some of the more interesting challenges, especially when they modified the map to make it more tricky and engaging.

An interesting week of challenges in total, with a traditional ‘collectathon’ style challenge making its return from earlier seasons in the form of jigsaws, as well as an entirely fresh type of challenge that asks you to use a very outdated piece of technology. Happy running, you’ll be doing a lot of it this week.

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