Fortnite Season 8: Dial The Durrr Burger & Pizza Pit Numbers On Giant Telephones


Fortnite giant telephones

Week 8 of Fortnite Season 8 has released and it seems Epic has made this week a little more interesting challenge wise. This challenge is completely unique as far as we can discern. This challenges requires you to visit two specific locations and interact with some very out-of-date rotary telephones.

This challenge is of the multi-stage variety, so you need to approach these two tasks in the order the game presents them. The first stage requires you interact with the Durrr Burger phone and the second stage requires you interact with the Pizza Pit phone. Both phones have the numbers on the centre of the phones themselves. This means you don’t need to actually find the number or lookup the number before you head to the phone. For ease of reference though, the number for Durrr Burger is 555 0152 and the number for Pizza Pit is 555 0198

Below is a map with the locations for the giant telephones in Fortnite Season 8.


Fortnite Giant Telephone Map

Fortnite Giant Telephone Map

The Durrr Burger telephone is circled in red and is atop a frozen hill to the west of Fatal Fields. The Pizza Pit rotary phone is circled in blue and is nestled next to an incline near the very northwestern edge of the jungle.


Stage One: Fortnite Durrr Burger Telephone (555 0152)

Durr Burger Telephone

The first stage asks you to visit the Durrr Burger to the west of Fatal Fields. The phone will have a number on the centre of its rotary (which is 555 0152). To ring the number, you need to shoot (or pickaxe) the numbers in order from left to right. Each time you hit a number the rotary in the middle will spin and then reset back to normal. You’ll need to wait for it to reset before entering the next number. If you’ve entered all seven numbers in the correct order, you should receive credit for the stage. You’ll find the phone located at the intersection of F8 and F9 on the main map’s grid.


Stage Two: Fortnite Pizza Pit Telephone (555 0198)

Fortnite Pizza Pit Telephone

The second stage requires you visit the Pizza Pit Phone east of The Block. This phone will also have its number on the centre of its rotary (which is 555 0198), but is a little more difficult to see thanks to its colour scheme. You need to ring the number in the same way you would’ve with the Durrr Burger phone from stage one (hit the numbers). You can find the phone at E2 on the main map’s grid.

Remember that you can only ring one number per match due to the multi-stage nature of the challenge. After you’ve rung the Pizza Pit number, you’re home free. Currently, the relative breath of fresh air this challenge provides coupled with early week status means quite a bit of competition and heat when trying to dial one of the numbers. It’s quite difficult to ring the phone even if no one has a weapon as you’re essentially a sitting duck while you try to hit each number. It’s best to actually see if you can find a gun nearby before heading towards the phone, which will ensure you’re more difficult to pickaxe to death than usual.

This week also presents two rehashes of older challenges long thought dead. The first is a traditional ‘collectathon’ style hunt involving jigsaw pieces. The other is an old school treasure map challenge, similar in style to the older Season 3-4 challenges in which they were present almost every week.

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