Fortnite Season 8: Search 7 Jigsaw Pieces Under Bridges & In Caves

It's a real "puzzler" alright! *obnoxious honk*

forntite jigsaw challenge

We’re up to Week 8 of Forntite Season 8 and this week introduces some interesting takes on challenges we’ve yet to see as well as the return of previously prolific challenges. This particular challenge falls into the category of the former, being a take on the old ‘collectathon’ challenges of seasons long past (searching gnomes, lightning bolts, etc.).

This challenge requires you to search the map for seven jigsaw puzzle pieces. This jigsaw pieces are found laying on the ground and are pale blue. They’ll shake when you get close along with a sound effect alerting you to their presence. If you want a slight edge, you can turn your sound FX up in your audio options menu so you can hear them more easily. Just be aware this also raises the volume of other sound effects (such as gunshots).

As the challenge suggests, you’ll find these pieces resting either under a bridge or in a cave. We found eight puzzle pieces in total (but there is almost certainly more than eight on the whole map), which means there are more total puzzle pieces than are required to finish the challenge. This means you can choose the pieces most convenient for you to acquire.

Below is an image with all the puzzle pieces we found circled in red.


Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Map

Fortnite Jigsaw Piece Locations

As you can see, all these locations fit with the challenge description. This means you’ll find them in a cave or under a bridge, which heavily favours the southern part of the map. The pieces hiding under a bridge tend to be a fair bit easier to spot and reach (via The Baller or another vehicle) thanks to their increased visibility, so going for them first makes more sense. The ones in caves tend to be hidden much better, requiring you to often destroy some stuff in the surrounding area to see them better.


Fatal Fields Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

Fortnite Jigsaw Piece Fatal Fields

This one is a little trickier to find than most of the jigsaw pieces. To the northwest of Fatal Fields is a quarry shaped like a knife and fork. If you jump down into the knife (right quarry of the two), you’ll find a small mine opening. If you clear some debris from the area, you’ll find a jigsaw piece lying on the floor of the mine. F8 on the main map’s grid.


Frosty Flights Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

Frosty Flights jigsaw

To the southeast of Frosty Flights is a small forest of trees. At the centre of this circle is a pit you can fall into. This small shelter has a Jigsaw piece on the floor. B9 on the main map’s grid.


Lonely Lodge Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

Lonely lodge Jigsaw

This is another tricky one. At Lonely Lodge there are two cliff faces looking at each other, creating a chasm. If you look at the southern cliff face, you’ll see a small indent with some rocks. Clear these out and you should find a jigsaw piece on the floor. I5 on the main map’s grid.


Lucky Landing Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

Lucky Landing jigsaw

To the west of Lucky Landing is a large bridge that goes over the map’s main river. You will find a jigsaw piece under the bridge on the western bank of the river. F9 on the main map’s grid.


Paradise Palms Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

Paradise jigsaw

Not located in Paradise Palms per se, but if you follow the road south leading out Paradise Palms, you’ll encounter a large bridge over a deep valley. If you jump down into this valley, you’ll find a jigsaw piece on the eastern bank of this river. You’ll find it at H9 on the main map’s grid.


Retail Row Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

Retail Row jigsaw

Once again, you won’t find this piece near Retail Row proper, but if you head directly south out from Retail Row, you will come across a broken bridge with a Pirate Camp on one side. You’ll find the jigsaw piece just lying out in the open. H7 on the main map’s grid.


Shifty Shafts Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

Fortnite Shift puzzle

To the southeast of Shifty Shafts is the map’s largest bridge that crosses the map’s main river. You’ll find the jigsaw piece right down on the floor behind the western concrete pillar, near the river bank. Located on the intersection of E7 and E8 on the main map’s grid.


The Block Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

Umbrella jigsaw

To the southeast of the block is a quarry shaped like an umbrella. If you jump down into the quarry, on the ‘handle’ side of the quarry is a small mine entrance. Clear out the debris and there will be a jigsaw piece on the ground. E3 on the main map’s grid.

Once you’ve collected the seventh piece you’re finished with the challenge. This week also has two other interesting challenges, one requiring you to remember a phone number and put it into a giant phone and another that revives the older versions of the treasure hunt challenge.

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