Fortnite Season 8 Guide: Use A Volcano Vent In Different Matches

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Fortnite Season 8 introduces an entirely new biome in the northeastern corner of the map, which is referred to as the jungle. The focal point of the jungle is a big honkin’ volcano right in its centre. Littered the area around the volcano are ‘vents’ that will propel you into the sky.

These are almost identical to the vents from Season 6 that were in the corrupted areas, but these allow you to deploy your glider. As their name suggests, you will only find these volcano vents in the new jungle biome.

You’ll need to visit any vent over five different matches. Put differently, once per match, over five total matches, you need to visit a volcano vent. They’re rather easy to spot and pretty useful to get around with, making them excellent for climbing the mountain or general mobility around the biome. This is doubly so with the X-4 Stormwing no longer in the game. Below is a map of all the volcano vents we’ve found so far.


Fortnite Volcano Vent Locations Map

Fortnite Volcano vents

They’re basically everywhere and far too many for individual pictures of each. Thankfully you only really need to ever find one and just visit it in five separate matches. The largest concentration of them is in the hot springs type area to the northwest of the volcano. The south and west sides also have decent concentrations of them, with the east being a little more barren, being much further from the foot of the volcano than the other sides.

This is a good entry point as far as Season 8 challenges are concerned. It is mostly designed to encourage players to explore the new area and make doing so (thanks to the enhanced mobility) enjoyable. This is the type of challenge you’ll knock out naturally just by having a squiz at the new zone. We decided to publish a map regardless for those of you who like to know where they’re all situated or want to do a targeted job of getting the challenge finished without having to look around.

There are some other interesting challenges in Week 1 of Season 8, including visiting all the pirate camps and visiting three giant faces.

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