Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass Skins: Luxe, Blackheart, Hybrid, Peely & More

Peely is king.

Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass skins 1

With Fortnite season 8 now underway, its Battle Pass skins have been properly revealed and they are certainly a varied bunch that may actually be at their best in the first two tiers.

Here’s a rundown of the Battle Pass skins and a smarmy verdict on each. Remember: to unlock these skins you need to have purchased the Battle Pass, which you can buy either through leftover V-Bucks from season 7 (or earlier) or with a purchase through the storefront of whichever platform you’re on. The Battle Pass again costs 950 V-Bucks, which translates to £8/$10.

However, as a neat twist that will probably cost them millions, Epic also gave out the Season 8 Battle Pass for free to those who completed the Overtime challenges at the tailend of Season 7.

Once you purchase the Battle Pass/launch season 8, you will be greeted with the following screens.

Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass skins

As a sidenote, this is the first time a female character has been the tier 100 skin. Adding to that, there have never been this many unlockable styles in a season of Fortnite before.


Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass Skins

Blackheart – Battle Pass Tier 1

Unlockable styles:
Style 1 – Default
Style 2 – Earn 10,000 XP
Style 3 – Earn 40,000 XP
Style 4 – Earn 80,000 XP
Style 5 – Earn 160,000 XP
Style 6 – Earn 200,000 XP
Style 7 – Earn 240,000 XP
Style 8 – Earn 280,000 XP
Style 9 – Complete 10 weekly challenges
Style 10 – Complete 25 weekly challenges
Style 11 – Complete 45 weekly challenges

Rarity: Legendary
Grade: A

A very robust skin with many styles, Blackheart will be keeping players busy throughout the season and beyond as their unlockable styles can be earned even when the season is over. It looks like he will be fighting The Ice King and The Prisoner in the Fortnite “canon” too. Can’t wait for nothing to come of that whatsoever.


Hybrid – Battle Pass Tier 2

Unlockable styles:
Style 1 – Default
Style 2 – Earn 60,000 XP
Style 3 – Earn 100,000 XP
Style 4 – Earn 180,000 XP
Style 5 – Earn 220,000 XP
Style 6 – Earn 300,000 XP
Style 7 – Earn 340,000 XP
Style 8 – Complete 15 weekly challenges
Style 9 – Complete 35 weekly challenges
Style 10 – Complete 60 weekly challenges

Rarity: Legendary
Grade: A

What a pair of seriously solid starter skins for Fortnite Season 8. This is even harder to unlock all styles for than Blackheart, making Hybrid go from a poor Power Ranger to a dragon and then back again. While he’s not a ridable dragon like we though from the eggs in Polar Peak, he is certainly a versatile skin. I personally like the weekly challenges skins the most.


Sidewinder – Battle Pass Tier 23

Fortnite Sidewinder

Rarity: Epic
Grade: B-

The “thirst” skin for the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass, Sidewinder is basically a female Indiana Jones crossed with some kind of demonic powers. Not a bad skin by any means, just a little underwhelming in comparison to the two starter skins. Expect this to be the pick of sweaties for the first few weeks.


Peely – Battle Pass Tier 47

Fortnite Peely

Rarity: Epic
Grade: A++

Unlockable styles:
Reactive – ripens, changes color over time in a match.

I peely love this skin. What? Bad jokes aside, there’s a huge gap in tiers between this and Sidewinder, so it may take you a little while to get to it. The reactive style is also pretty sweet.


Ember – Battle Pass Tier 71

Fortnite Ember

Rarity: Epic
Grade: B-

A decent skin (nice flourishes on the hands) that will probably be the scourge of many, Ember fits the undead magic theme related to Blackheart, so she may be an important part of the canon for the season. She also looks like an elf, so that may be hinting at a fantasy theme for next season?


Master Key – Battle Pass Tier 87

Rarity: Epic
Grade: C

Unlockable styles:
Masked – Reach tier 99

Really just a slight concept change from Drift, Master Key is an okay skin for Fortnite Season 8 that might just be a little too over-designed; the clash of colours kinda hurts the eyes. Also not keen on a tier being used for his unlockable style.


Luxe – Battle Pass Tier 100

Rarity: Legendary
Grade: C+

A truthfully neat skin, but one that is totally underwhelming for tier 100, especially when its unlockable styles are so basic. Luxe is the first female tier 100 skin, so unless her challenges offer some more bombastic switch-ups, she may be the weakest max tier skin in Fortnite to date. Really feels more like a tier 1 skin, which says a lot.


Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass Skins Verdict & Ranking

1. Blackheart
2. Hybrid
3. Peely
4. Ember
5. Sidewinder
6. Luxe
7. Master Key

The Battle Pass skins are really odd in that they start off strong before slowly fading away until we get to a really lightweight tier 100 skin, though her challenges styles may fix that. Blackheart and Hybrid are some super versatile skins with tonnes of variations, so that makes up for it — the skeleton forms of Blackheart are particularly great. Peely is a decent meme pick that is going to get you killed and Sidewinder is just overall a nice inclusion too.

All in all, a fairly strong selection of skins that putter out the higher in tiers you go.

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